House of the Wolf Man

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House of the Wolf Man
McGarr in the film
Directed by Eben McGarr
Produced by
  • John P. McGarr
  • Eben McGarr
  • Roland R. Rosenberg Jr.
  • David Sontag
  • Larry Sontag
Written by Eben McGarr
Music by Nate Scott
Cinematography Royce A. Dudley
Editing by Cyrus Navarro
Distributed by Taurus Entertainment Company[1]
Language English

House of the Wolf Man is an American monster horror film produced in 2009 by My Way Pictures. The film was inspired by the Universal Monsters movies,[2] and was shot in the same style.


Dr. Bela Reinhardt (Ron Chaney) is a mad doctor who has invited five people to his castle to determine which of them shall inherit his estate.[3] He has arranged for a competition of sorts. The winner will be chosen by process of... elimination. The visitors quickly realize they made a terrible mistake in accepting Reinhardt's invitation, but are trapped like rats in a cage under the watchful eye of Reinhardt's ghoulish manservant, Barlow. They soon discover the castle is full of terrifying monsters such as the Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster, and Dracula.[4]


  • Ron Chaney as Bela Reinhardt[5]
  • Dustin Fitzsimons as Reed Chapel
  • Jeremie Loncka as Conrad Sullivan
  • Sara Raftery as Mary Chapel
  • Cheryl Rodes as Elmira Cray
  • Jim Thalman as Archibald Whitlock
  • John McGarr as Barlow
  • Billy Bussey as the Wolf Man
  • Craig Dabbs as the Frankenstein's Monster
  • Michael R. Thomas as Dracula
  • Saba Moor-Doucette as Vadoma

Production notes[edit]

House of the Wolf Man is an homage to classic horror films, shot in black and white and 1:33 aspect ratio (full frame).[2]


Infinite Hollywood reviewed the film for Halloween 2011, "This movie is such a good concept, horribly wasted. The dialogue isn't so badly written (with a few notable exceptions), but spoken by these stiffs it comes across horribly".


Infinite Hollywood: House of the Wolf Man Review

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