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Household total net is the net worth for individuals and is used as a measure in economics to compare the wealth of different groups. The net worth is the value of total assets minus the total value of outstanding liabilities. Household financial net worth is the balancing item of their financial balance sheet recorded at current market values. The total net worth is measured as a percentage of net disposable income.

The financial net worth is calculated as the ratio of financial net worth of households divided by the number of individuals in the country, in United States dollars at current purchasing power parity.[1]

Top 10 countries with largest household net worth[edit]

Household net worth
Source: OECD[2]
Country % of net disposable income, 2017
 Belgium 699.4
 Netherlands 687.9
 United States 683
 Canada 585.1
 Denmark 582.8
 Sweden 578
 France 553.7
 United Kingdom 499.9
 Germany 468.9
 Austria 444.1
 Australia 434.3
 Luxembourg 423.7
 South Korea 365.5
 Czech Republic 349.3

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