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Finnish general pennant, blue-cross pennant

The use of household pennants is a common tradition in Finland. A household pennant (Finnish: isännänviiri, Swedish: husbondsvimpel) can be flown whenever there is no flag day and it is traditionally a means of telling that the "master of the house" is at home. These pennants have a long, narrow, triangular shape. Length of the pennant is usually half the length of the flag pole and the width of the base is roughly one tenth the pennants length.[1] A crossbar is attached to the base of the triangle which is linked the pole via a single lanyard. It gives the pennant the ability to revolve around its horizontal axis while flying. Thus, either side of the pennant may be seen and often symmetrical designs are used to avoid different mirroring.

Blue-cross pennant Finnish general pennant.svg

Probably the most common design is the generally used blue-cross pennant, which is based on the flag of Finland. Unlike the national flag the blue-cross pennant and other household pennants are kept hoisted overnight. In addition to the traditional blue-cross and regional pennants there is a variety of designs of which any may be flown. These are usually family, city and municipality designs and designs reflecting a connection to a certain group.

Finnish regional household pennants[edit]

The different regions of Finland have been connected with some traditional colors (often from the coats of arms of the historical provinces of Finland and modern provinces), and these are often reflected in the household pennant. The pennants sometimes also incorporate the regional arm into the design. A common practice is to either fly the pennant of the region of residence or the pennant from which the family members come.

Pennant of Åland Pennant of Åland.svg
Pennant of South Karelia Pennant of Etelä-Karjala.svg
Pennant of Southern Ostrobothnia Pennant of Etelä-Pohjanmaa.svg
Pennant of Tavastia Pennant of Häme.svg
Pennant of Kainuu Pennant of Kainuu.svg
Pennant of Karelia Pennant of Karjala.svg
Pennant of Central Ostrobothnia Pennant of Keski-Pohjanmaa.svg
Pennant of Central Finland Pennant of Keski-Suomi.svg
Pennant of Kymenlaakso Pennant of Kymenlaakso.svg
Pennant of Lapland Pennant of Lappi.svg
Pennant of Northern Ostrobothnia Pennant of Pohjois-Pohjanmaa.svg
Pennant of Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia Pennant of Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia.svg
Pennant of Swedish-speaking Uusimaa/Nyland Pennant of Swedish-speaking Uusimaa.svg
Pennant of Satakunta Pennant of Satakunta.svg
Pennant of Savonia Pennant of Savo.svg
Pennant of Uusimaa Pennant of Uusimaa.svg
Pennant of Southwest Finland Pennant of Varsinais-Suomi.svg

Other household pennants[edit]

Swedish-speaking Finns Pennant of Swedish-speaking Finns.svg

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