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Housing Industry Association
Formation January 21, 1946; 71 years ago (1946-01-21)
Type NGO
Headquarters 79 Constitution Ave, Campbell, Australian Capital Territory
Stuart Wilson
Vice President
Ron Dwyer
Main organ
National Board of Directors
Website hia.com.au

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is an association of more than 40,000 members working in the housing industry. It is the peak national industry association for the residential construction and home building, renovation and development industry in Australia.

The organisation's headquarters are located in Canberra while there are large offices in each capital city.

The Association and its members are committed to promoting the highest standards of customer service, workmanship and business conduct. HIA also strive for full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards.


HIA have an extensive membership program which supports residential builders, trade contractors, developers, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers. Such a large membership base ensures political strength and the ability to develop and advocate policies which recognise the importance of the housing industry to all Australians.

HIA have been providing business support services to more than 40,000 members for over 60 years.

Members have access to business contracts and multiple networking opportunities through national and statewide events along with training, technical and legal advice. Members are also kept up to date on current trends and insights through regular HIA newsletters and publications.


HIA provide a range of services and information to assist all those in the home building industry. In particular they develop and advocate policies which recognise the importance of the housing industry to all Australians. HIA advocate the views and policies of their members by contributing to enquiries and forums that impact on the residential building sector. Certain policy areas cover economics, industry, building, planning, industrial relations, legal, environment, training and skills.

The association conducts surveys and publishes reports including new home sales. It is able to provide recommended builders for specific areas to potential clients.[1]


At a meeting on the 21 January 1946 by interested parties it was agreed to establish a housing industry organisation. It was initially called the Builders and Allied Trades Association (BATA).[2] In its first three years the group signed up 1,000 members.[2] In June 1965 the organisation became a national association.

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