Houston, We've Got a Problem

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Houston, We've Got a Problem
Directed by Lawrence Doheny
Produced by Herman S. Saunders, Harve Bennett, Herman S. Saunders
Starring Robert Culp
Clu Gulager
Gary Collins
Sandra Dee
Ed Nelson
Music by Richard Clements
Release dates
  • 1974 (1974)
Country United States
Language English

Houston, We've Got a Problem is a 1974 television film about the Apollo 13 spaceflight, directed by Lawrence Doheny and starring Ed Nelson in the role of NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz.

Technical and historical accuracy[edit]

The title of the film is a misquotation of the ominous announcement made by Commander Jim Lovell following the explosion of an oxygen tank which tore off the side of the spacecraft service module. Lovell actually said, "Houston, we've had a problem."[1]

The rocket depicted leaving the launch pad is a Saturn I in some shots and a Saturn V in other shots. The correct rocket was in fact a Saturn V.

The film does not focus on the spaceflight itself, but rather on the crises in Mission Control. Jim Lovell wrote a letter to TV Guide about the film, saying that the crises in Mission Control were dramatized.

There are several other inaccuracies.


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