Houston Baptist Huskies

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Houston Baptist Huskies
University Houston Baptist University
Conference Southland Conference
Western Athletic Conference (men's soccer only)
NCAA Division I
Athletic director Steve Moniaci
Location Houston, TX
Varsity teams 15
Football stadium Husky Stadium
Basketball arena Sharp Gymnasium
Baseball stadium Husky Field
Softball stadium Husky Field (softball)
Soccer stadium Sorrells Field
Nickname Huskies
Fight song Get Up and Go, You Mighty Huskies
     Royal blue       Orange
Website hbuhuskies.com

Houston Baptist Huskies, also known as Houston Baptist, HBU or Huskies, refers to the sports teams of Houston Baptist University. HBU's official school colors are royal blue and orange. With the inception of the athletics program at the university in 1960 until 1990 the Huskies were a part of the NCAA. After playing for seventeen years as a member of the NAIA, the Huskies began play as an NCAA Division I team again in 2007 and became a full member of the NCAA for the 2011-12 academic year.[1]

After one year of independent status in the NCAA, HBU joined the Great West Conference, and began play as a member in 2008 for all sports but basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and women's soccer.[2] These teams remained independent until the 2009-2010 season when they joined the other HBU teams. Men's soccer joined the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation since the Great West did not sponsor the sport.

On November 9, 2011, officials from the Southland Conference visited HBU in their expansion drive.[3] On November 21, Houston Baptist accepted an invitation to join the Southland Conference joining July 1, 2013. The school started a football program in 2013 and began Southland play in 2014. There are also plans for a new basketball arena.[4] With the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation dropping men's soccer after the 2012 season, the HBU team moved to the Western Athletic Conference, which began sponsoring the sport from 2013 onwards.[5]


Houston Baptist University sponsors teams in eight men's and eight women's NCAA sanctioned sports:[6]

Men's basketball[edit]



Women's Basketball[edit]


School songs[7][edit]

"Get up and Go, You Mighty Huskies"

Get up and go, you mighty Huskies
Give it a fight for HBU.
Whenever the goin' is rough and things are tough,
Don't give up the fight.
Shoulder the load, hold to the road,
Pull with all your might.
Get up and go, you mighty Huskies
Give it a hail for orange and blue.
Get ready to meet the test, show your best
Drive until you've made History, with victory
You'll win for HBU.

As performed by HBU Pep Band

Hail the Orange and Blue (Alma Mater)

In the great state of Texas,
Houston, U.S.A.,
Stands our noble Alma Mater,
Christ saying I am the Way.
In our search for knowledge,
Tempered with thy love,
Seeking our place of service,
With wisdom from above.
Give us courage, strength and faith,
To face a world filled with fear.
Ever onward to the challenge,
Knowing thou art near.
God bless our school.
Keep her safe and true.
God bless our Alma Mater.
Hail the orange and Blue.

As performed by HBU Pep Band


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