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Houston Community College
The Houston Community College administration in Midtown Houston
Established 1971
Type community college system
Chancellor Dr. Cesar Maldonado
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 57,364
Location Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Campus six commuter campuses
Nickname HCCS (or HCC)
Mascot Eagle
Affiliations SACS
Website www.hccs.edu
HCC logo.jpg

Houston Community College (HCC), also known as Houston Community College System (HCCS) is a community college system that operates community colleges in Houston, Missouri City, Katy, and Stafford in Texas.

As defined by the Texas Legislature, the official service area of HCCS includes territory within the following school districts:[1]

(*)district included in service area by state law, but is not part of the tax base.


In 1927, the Houston Independent School District founded its first community colleges, Houston Junior College (for whites), which later evolved into the University of Houston and the Houston College for blacks (now Texas Southern University). In 1971, the district founded HCCS after HJC's and HCN's evolutions into the University of Houston and Texas Southern University respectively. In its early days, HCCS once used HISD school campuses for teaching facilities with classes during evenings and weekends like its ancestors. Around 1997 HCCS began to transfer operations to community college district-operated campuses throughout the HCCS service area.[2]

Jim Murphy, a member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 133 in Houston, was a HCCD trustee for two terms from 1997 until 2006.[3]

HCCS cities[edit]

Houston Community College System Administration Building

HCCS includes all of the following cities

HCCS includes portions of the following cities

The district also covers unincorporated areas of Harris (including some of Bridgeland), Fort Bend, and Waller Counties.

HCC Police[edit]

HCC operates its own police department. According to the HCC's website, "The HCC Police Department supports the College's core mission of teaching and learning, and developing partnerships with our culturally diverse community, with our goal being to provide a safe and cordially environment conducive to teaching and learning."[4]

As peace officers, state law also grants HCC Police the power to arrest without warrant for any felony, breach of the peace, disorderly conduct or intoxication offense that is committed in their presence or view while in Texas.[5] They may also make an arrest pursuant to a warrant anywhere in Texas.[6]


The HCC Police Department is divided into six divisions: Administrative, Criminal Investigations, Patrol, Bike Patrol, Training, Communications.

  • Administrative
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Patrol
  • Bike Patrol
  • Training
  • Communications

HCC Television[edit]

HCCS Central Campus (Midtown)

HCCS operates a television channel called Houston Community College Television (HCCTV).[7] The channel is aired on Comcast Channel 19, TV Max Channel 97, Phonoscope Channel 77 and Cebridge Channel 20. In addition it is streamed over the internet. The studio complex, which has one large studio unit, five edit suites, and a digital master control system, is located at the HCC headquarters.[8]

HCC began its television channel in 1994.[8]

HCC Athletics[edit]

HCC offers several sports activities to its students throughout its campuses, the sports offered includes:

List of colleges in HCCS[edit]

Central College[edit]

Willie Lee Gay Hall (South Campus)


Coleman College of Health Sciences[edit]

Northeast College[edit]

Northline Campus (Northside)


Northwest College[edit]

Houston Community College Spring Branch (Memorial City, near Spring Branch)


  • Alief Campus (Houston)
  • Alief Continuing Education Center (unincorporated Harris County)
  • Katy Campus
  • Spring Branch Campus

Southeast College[edit]

Fraga Campus (Near Downtown)

[14] Southeast College is home to two separate campuses in different parts of the HCC Southeast service area.

Eastside Campus (Houston)[edit]

Felix Fraga Academic Campus (Houston)[edit]

The Felix Fraga Academic Campus, also known as the Fraga Campus, is conveniently located a mile and a quarter east of Downtown Houston at 301 N. Drennan St.

The Fraga Campus opened in January, 2010 and was named for Felix Fraga by the HCC Board of Trustees in honor of his dedication to the educational, social, and economic success of the young people of Houston’s southeast community and who has devoted his life to improving their neighborhood. Fraga served as an HISD trustee and as a member of the Houston City Council. Today he is the Vice President of External Affairs for the Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

The Fraga Campus hosts classes to over 1,500 students every semester. Its flagship offerings include Maritime Logistics, Pre-Engineering, and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) classes. Of course, most Core courses are also available.

In partnership with HISD, Fraga Campus is also the host location of HISD's East Early College High School.

Southwest College[edit]

West Loop Center (contains Challenge Early College High School)
Gulfton Center (Gulfton)



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