Houston Knights

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Houston Knights
Created by Michael Butler
Jay Bernstein
Starring Michael Beck
Michael Paré
Composer(s) Dennis McCarthy
George Doering
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 31
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Jay Bernstein Productions
Columbia Pictures Television
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original network CBS
Original release March 11, 1987 – June 10, 1988

Houston Knights is an American crime drama set in Houston, Texas. The show ran on CBS from 1987 to 1988 and had 31 episodes.


The core of the series is the partnership between two very different cops from two different cultures. Chicago cop Joey LaFiamma, played by Michael Paré, is transferred to Houston after he kills a mobster from a powerful Mafia family and a contract is put out on him. Once there, he is partnered with Levon Lundy, played by Michael Beck, the grandson of a Texas Ranger.

Although as different as night and day, and after a rocky beginning (the two engage in a fist-fight) they form a successful partnership and become friends. This is aided to a certain extent by an event where a hitman from Chicago who holds the contract to shoot La Fiamma arrives in Houston and is ultimately killed by Lundy.

During the series, it is revealed that both La Fiamma and Lundy have their own personal demons. La Fiamma's Chicago partner had been killed when the partner went into a crime scene while La Fiamma had waited for backup to arrive. Lundy's wife had been killed by an explosion that was intended to kill him.


The theme music for the series was Texan blues-rock style, opening with a steamy saxophone then featuring slide guitar work and a heavy bass line. Dennis McCarthy and George Doering composed the music for the series. Lee Ritenour is also credited as a major contributor to the music featured in the series.


One of the key features of the show was the car driven by La Fiamma, an ice-blue 289 AC Cobra "replicar", credited as being provided by "North American Fibreglass". The car was yet another way to demonstrate that La Fiamma didn't "fit" in Texas, as most other characters on the show drove pickup trucks (including Lundy).

The wardrobe for La Fiamma consisted of well-cut and stylish Italian label clothing, another contrast to Lundy, who was always attired in stereotypical Texas "cowboy" clothes (which are not, in fact, common attire in urban Texas).


The titles of the 31 episodes are listed below, along with their original TV air dates. Although they are listed separately, the first two episodes were originally screened as a movie-length pilot. The first 9 episodes comprised the first season, the remaining 22 episodes formed season two. The first season ranked 34th out of 79 shows with a 15.1/26 rating/share.

Season 1 (1987)[edit]

  1. Mirrors (Part 1) November 3, 1987
  2. Mirrors (Part 2) November 3, 1987
  3. North of the Border March 18, 1987
  4. Houston's Hero March 25, 1987
  5. Single in Heaven January 4, 1987
  6. Yesterday's Gone August 4, 1987
  7. Bad Girl April 15, 1987
  8. Scarecrow April 22, 1987
  9. Colt April 29, 1987

Season 2 (1987–88)[edit]

  1. Moving Violation September 15, 1987
  2. Heads, I Win – Tails, You Lose September 22, 1987
  3. Desperado June 10, 1987
  4. Gun Shy October 13, 1987
  5. Lady Smoke October 20, 1987
  6. God's Will March 11, 1987
  7. Diminished Capacity October 11, 1987
  8. Home Is Where the Heart Is November 17, 1987
  9. Secrets August 12, 1987
  10. Somebody to Love December 22, 1987
  11. There's One Born Every Minute February 1, 1988
  12. Vigilante September 1, 1988
  13. The White Hand January 16, 1988
  14. Sins of the Father January 30, 1988
  15. Crime Spree June 2, 1988
  16. Cajun Spice February 13, 1988
  17. The Stone February 20, 1988
  18. Burnout February 27, 1988
  19. Love Hurts April 26, 1988
  20. Bad Paper March 5, 1988
  21. For Caroline October 5, 1988
  22. The Jungle Fighter July 6, 1988

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