Houston Pioneer Cemetery

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Houston Pioneer Cemetery
Houston Pioneer Cemetery 2.jpg
Front of Houston Pioneer Cemetery
Established 1883[1]
Location Eau Gallie, Florida
Coordinates 28°07′41″N 80°37′33″W / 28.12796°N 80.62589°W / 28.12796; -80.62589Coordinates: 28°07′41″N 80°37′33″W / 28.12796°N 80.62589°W / 28.12796; -80.62589
Type private
Owned by Rossetter House Foundation, Inc.
Size About 75 feet wide X 40 feet deep
No. of graves About 12 headstones

The Houston Pioneer Cemetery is a historic cemetery in Eau Gallie, Florida. It is located within Rossetter Park off Highland Avenue between Oak Street and Shady Lane near the James Wadsworth Rossetter House. The cemetery includes graves of original settlers from Eau Gallie such as John Caroll Houston, III and his wife Mary Virginia Houston.[1] The Houston Memorial Park is also located here with a memorial from 1947 located adjacent to the cemetery. This memorial dates the first grave at 1865,[2] but no headstone contains that date.


Some of the graves include:

  • Bonnie Houston: born September 9, 1899 & died February 19, 1900 - gravestone inscription "Another link is broken, in our household band. But a chain is forming in a better land."
  • John Caroll Houston, III: born July 8, 1813 & died November 22, 1885
  • Mary Virginia Houston: born February 19, 1823 & died February 13, 1894
  • John Caroll Houston, IV, Houston's son, and three term mayor of Eau Gallie
  • Samuel L. Houston: born June 13, 1856 & died February 17, 1883
  • Susan E. Houston (née Stewart) - gravestone inscription "A precious one of us has gone. A voice beloved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home which can never be filled."
  • Earl Le-Roy Roesch: born October 7, 1895 & died October 26, 1895

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