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Houston Sudbury School (HSS) is a non-profit private Sudbury school in Houston, Texas.[1] The school, in the Acres Homes area,[2] serves students of ages 6-18 and follows the Sudbury model of self-education.

The democracy is meted out in a weekly school meeting where staff and students discuss and vote on a variety of administrative aspects of the school, including rules. These rules are enforced through a peer justice system called the judicial committee.[2]


The school was founded in 2016 by Dominique Side and Cara DeBusk and opened in January of that year.[3]

Its original campus was in Independence Heights. As of 2017 the school had 23 students; two of them identified as transgender, and the student body originated from various socioeconomic and racial groups.[2] It was scheduled to move into its current campus in May 2017.[3]

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