Khovd, Uvs

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This article is about the district in the Uvs province of Mongolia. For other uses, see Khovd.
Khovd District
Ховд сум
Country Mongolia
Province Uvs Province
Time zone UTC + 7 (UTC+7)

Khovd (Mongolian: Ховд) is a sum (district) of the Uvs aimag (province) in Mongolia. It is located in the south-west of the aimag, at the border to the Bayan-Ölgii Aimag. It is situated in the Achit Lake depression, sum center is 28 km SE from the lake at the Khovd River left bank. Eastern part of the sum is situated in Kharkhiraa-Türgen mountains.

Coordinates: 49°16′48″N 90°54′41″E / 49.28000°N 90.91139°E / 49.28000; 90.91139