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Trunk Line
Hovedbanen Norway first trial run 1853.jpg
Depiction of the first trial run of the rails, in 1853
Native name Hovedbanen
Type Railway
Termini Oslo S
Stations 19
Opened 1854
Owner Bane NOR
Operator(s) Norwegian State Railways
Character Local and freight trains
Rolling stock Class 69 and Class 72
Line length 68 km
Track length 112 km
Number of tracks 1–2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification 15 kV ​16 23 Hz AC
Operating speed Max. 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph)
Route map
Dovre Line
Eidsvoll Station(1998)
Gardermoen Line
67.51 km Old Eidsvoll Station(1854)
Rv181 Eidsvollvegen
Møllerhaugen(205 m)
62.25 km Bøn Station(1855)
62.0 km
Andelva(47 m)
Løken Tunnel(162 m)
Bøns Tunnel(243 m)
Bønsdalen fabrikker
61.0 km Bøns parsell (1854-1944)
59.54 km Varud Station(1953)
57.20 km Dal Station(1854)
Fv503 Finstadvegen
53.44 km Sand(1992)
Rv179 Hauersetervegen
branch line to Syverstad
49.62 km Hauerseter Station(1894)
Hauerseter–Gardermo Line
Rv174 (ca. 40 m)
46.10 km Nordby Station(1932)
44.60 km Jessheim Station(1854)
Rv178 Algarheimsvegen
E6 (160 m)
connection line to Gardermoen Line
Gardermoen Line
40.01 km Asper(1984)
Gardermoen Line
36.48 km Kløfta Station(1854)
33.62 km Arteid(1932)
32.3 km Lindeberg(1944)
Gardermoen Line
Rv171 Haldenvegen
29.86 km Frogner Station(1854)
Børke BridgeLeira (ca. 60 m)
Gardermoen Line
26.87 km Leirsund Station(1997)
26.66 km Leirsund Station(1859)
25.20 km Lillestrøm N(1997)
industrial track
Rv22 Fetveien (ca. 30 m)
Rv120 Jernbanegata (ca. 30 m)
20.95 km Lillestrøm Station(1854)
Nitelva(46 m)
StalsbergGardermoen Line to Oslo
Rv159 Strømsveien (ca. 20 m)
19.05 km Sagdalen(1938)
Flaen bruSagelva (27 m)
Strømmen side track
17.93 km Strømmen Station(1854)
branch to Strømmens Verksted
16.42 km Fjellhamar Station(1931)
Losby Line
15.50 km Hanaborg Station'(1956)
Rv163 Lørenskogveien (ca. 20 m)
14.15 km Lørenskog Station(1857) 159,3 m asl
13.09 km Høybråten Station(1921) 154,6 m asl
12.09 km Haugenstua Station(1937)
side track to Sannerud
industrial track to Grorud 127,0 m asl
10.50 km Grorud Station(1854)
9.30 km Nyland Station(1944)
Statsbanenes workshop
side track to Leirdal
Rv191 Nedre Kalbakkvei (ca. 30 m)
branch track to Veitvet grustak
branch track to Volla
Alna godsterminal
6.87 km Alna Station(1971)
6.50 km Alnabru Station(1902)
Alnabru–Grefsen Line
E6 (111 m)
E6 Adolf Hedins vei
3.89 km Bryn Station(1858) 78,3 m asl
Loenga–Alnabru Line
Oslo T-bane
EtterstadGardermoen Line
Gjøvikbanen (25,8 m)
GalgebergRv161 St. Halvards gate
Havnebanen (removed)
0.27 km Oslo S(1854)
Oslo Tunnel(1980)

The Trunk Line (Norwegian: Hovedbanen) is a railway line in Norway which runs between Oslo and Eidsvoll. The line is owned by Bane NOR.


Built by Robert Stephenson, the Trunk Line was opened on 1 September 1854 by the Norwegian Trunk Railway (Norwegian: Norsk Hoved-Jernbane), making it the oldest public railway line in Norway. It connected to steamboats on Lake Mjøsa, allowing steam powered transport to places like Lillehammer, 180 kilometers (110 mi) from Oslo. The name comes from the fact that during the planning, it was the only railway project in Norway considered economically viable, since steamboats were considered cheaper if they could be used. The railway was successful and more railways started to be considered.

The section between Kristiania East and Lillestrøm was rebuilt to double track in 1902, and the line was electrified in two portions, in 1927 and 1953. The Trunk Line was the main line between Oslo and Eidsvoll until 8 October 1998, when the more direct, double-tracked high-speed Gardermoen Line opened, taking most of the passenger traffic.

Today the old line between Oslo and Lillestrøm is used for freight traffic and for commuter trains serving the suburban stations in outer Oslo, Lørenskog and Skedsmo. In addition overcrowded trains are not allowed through the Romerike Tunnel, and are occasionally diverted to the old line.[1]

Passenger service on the old line past Jessheim is only provided to Dal.



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