The Capital Region (Denmark)

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Coordinates: 55°40′N 12°24′E / 55.66°N 12.4°E / 55.66; 12.4

The Capital Region (Danish: Hovedstadsregionen) was the administrative name of the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg and the counties of Frederiksborg and Roskilde. It was replaced by the Capital Region of Denmark (Danish: Region Hovedstaden) as an administrative region on January 1, 2007 as part of the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform.

The new region includes the island of Bornholm (in the Baltic Sea 100 nautical miles from Copenhagen) and excludes the southwestern parts of greater Copenhagen.


In 2007 the Capital Region had a population of 1,834,492 and an area of 2,861.41 km²

The area consisted of:

Municipality or County Population Area
Pop. density
Copenhagen Municipality 503.699 77 6.542
Frederiksberg Municipality* 92.234 9 10.516
Copenhagen County 618.518 526 1.170
Frederiksborg County 378.686 1347 276
Roskilde County 241.523 891 265
Total 1,834,492 2,850 644

*Frederiksberg municipality is an enclave surrounded by Copenhagen municipality. Copenhagen Zoo is located in Frederiksberg municipality, but uses Copenhagen (Danish, København) in its name.


The same area has (31 December 2012) 1.937.450 inhabitants ( 680 inhabitants/km²) However the Capital Region has been expanded and Stevns Municipality has been added. That area is 3030 km² and has 1.957.611 inhabitants ( 646 inhabitants/km²)

The Capital Region is still in use at several levels:

  • Local public traffic, ticket fare zones (Metro, S-train, Local trains, Regional trains whithin the area, busses etc.)
  • Television - three regional TV-channels broadcast over the entire area
  • The area is a region for Vejdirektoratet, the Danish motorway & road maintenance authority
  • It's also a region of the Danish national rail, DSB. If f.i. buying a ticket in Jutland, the ticket is valid for any station whithin the Capital Region.
  • Public identification, people that lives whithin its boundaries usually identify themselves as inhabitants of the Capital Region.