Hoveton Great Broad

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Hoveton Great Broad
Location The Broads, Norfolk
Coordinates 52°41′41″N 1°25′43″E / 52.69472°N 1.42861°E / 52.69472; 1.42861Coordinates: 52°41′41″N 1°25′43″E / 52.69472°N 1.42861°E / 52.69472; 1.42861
Basin countries United Kingdom
Hoveton Great Broad
Hoveton Great Broad, on the right. Salhouse Broad (left) and Wroxham Broad (top) give scale

Hoveton Great Broad lies within The Broads in Norfolk, England, between Wroxham Broad and Salhouse Broad.

The broad is connected to the River Bure, but not open to boat traffic. A nature trail was laid out in 1968 - the first in the region. It is accessible only by boat. Mooring is allowed on the north bank of the Bure, opposite Salhouse Broad.

Natural England has established a Nature trail. From the boardwalk, one can see the broad with its adjoining fens and alder carr.

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