Hovs Hallar

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Hovs Hallar with Clouds
Hovs Hallar

Hovs Hallar (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhoːvs ˈhâlːar])[1] is a nature reserve on the northern tip of the Bjäre Peninsula in the county of Skåne, Sweden. It is located approximately 7 km northeast of the coastal town of Torekov. The reserve is an area of geological interest and its impressive cliff faces are home to a variety of seabirds. It is assumed that the area gave the name of the province Halland, meaning "the land beyond Hovs Hallar".

The location is also the setting for the opening scenes of the classic film The Seventh Seal, with the Knight challenging Death to a game of chess for his life on the shoreline, and the closing scene with the Dance Macabre against a stormy sky. [2]


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