How Angel Peterson Got His Name

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How Angel Peterson Got His Name
Paulsen - How Angel Peterson Got His Name Coverart.png
How Angel Peterson Got His Name first edition cover.
Author Gary Paulsen
Cover artist Hank Nick Cocotos
Country United States
Language English
Genre young adult biography
Publisher Wendy Lamb Books
Publication date
January 14, 2003
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 128 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0-385-72949-9
OCLC 49921982
813/.54 B 21
LC Class PS3566.A834 Z467 2003

How Angel Peterson Got His Name is a nonfiction, young adult memoir written by Gary Paulsen, outlining the hilarious, and often dangerous stunts Paulsen and his friends pull in order to entertain themselves and impress the young ladies. All of the tales in this book are about the true adventures of Paulsen and his friends during the mid-1950s.

Chapter 2: The Miracle[edit]

In chapter two, Emil accidentally discovers hang gliding. After he buys a small target kite, he decides he has to fly it. So Emil and the boys create a plan to get the kite into the air. They had all flown kites before, so they would follow the same principle. Of course, this plan goes awry and chaos ensues.

Chapter 3: Orvis Orvison and the Crash and Bash[edit]

Two young whippersnapper’s, Orvis and Paulsen, curiosity gets them into trouble when they listen in on the Revival meeting and decide to bring the “footsteps of God” to the congregation. Their other adventures involve daredevil stunts masterfully achieved on bicycles while avoiding near death from a neighborhood dog.

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