How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

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How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?
Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? volume 1 by Shogakukan
(Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?)
GenreComedy, sports[1]
Written byYabako Sandrovich
Illustrated byMAAM
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
ImprintUra Sunday Comics
  • Ura Sunday
  • MangaONE
Original run2016 – present
Volumes9 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byMitsue Yamazaki
Written byFumihiko Shimo
Music byYukari Hashimoto
StudioDoga Kobo
Licensed by
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, TVA, BS11
Original run July 3, 2019 September 18, 2019
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
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How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (ダンベル何キロ持てる?, Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?, lit. "How Many Kilograms of Dumbbell Can You Lift?") is a Japanese manga series written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by MAAM. It has been serialized via Shogakukan's Ura Sunday website and MangaONE app since 2016 and has been collected into nine tankōbon volumes. The manga is licensed in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment.[2] An anime adaptation by Doga Kobo aired from July 3 to September 18, 2019.


Hibiki Sakura is a second year high school girl who has a voracious appetite; this habit leads to her gaining weight. Once this is brought to her attention, she reluctantly thinks about joining the Silverman Gym. At the gym, Hibiki finds out that Akemi Soryuin, a schoolmate of hers, is also thinking about joining. Upon meeting Naruzo Machio, one of the trainers, she falls heads over heels in love with him and joins the gym. Motivated, Hibiki vows to lose weight.


Main characters[edit]

Hibiki Sakura (紗倉 ひびき, Sakura Hibiki)
Voiced by: Ai Fairouz[1] (Japanese); Madeleine Morris[3] (English)
A second year high school girl who joins Silverman Gym to slim down. Unfortunately, due to a lack of regular exercise and her terrible eating habits, she tends to tire out easily and any progress she does achieve is quickly undone. However, as the series progresses, her condition slowly improves and she is revealed to have a hidden talent for combat sports. She also has a brother who runs a yakiniku restaurant where she sometimes helps out.
Akemi Soryuin (奏流院 朱美, Sōryūin Akemi)
Voiced by: Sora Amamiya[1] (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft[3] (English)
A second year high school girl who is the student council president at the same school Hibiki attends. She's popular due to being a beautiful girl who excels in sports and academics along with coming from a rich family. She has a muscle fetish and joins the Silverman Gym mostly to satisfy these desires, and often expresses her desire for Hibiki and others to become macho. Unlike Hibiki, she is in much better physical condition. Her character is a reference to the author's previous series, Kengan Ashura, being the younger sister of one of the characters appearing in the series, Shion Soryuin.
Ayaka Uehara (上原 彩也香, Uehara Ayaka)
Voiced by: Shizuka Ishigami[4] (Japanese); Morgan Garrett[3] (English)
A second year high school girl who is Hibiki's best friend. Ayaka is a buff who likes watching films with Hibiki. Both she and her sister are daughters of a famous former pro boxer who founded his own gym called the Glory Gym. Because her father taught both of them how to box since their younger days, she is in excellent physical condition and is a capable boxer who coaches for their gym. Her training is such that she can do shadow boxing perfectly and even perform the infamous "Dragon Flag", known for extreme difficulties.
Gina Boyd[5] (ジーナ・ボイド, Jīna Boido)
Voiced by: Nao Tōyama[4] (Japanese); Alexis Tipton[3] (English)
A member of Silverman Gym's Moscow branch. After losing to Hibiki in arm wrestling, she declares herself her rival and moves to Japan, even transferring to Hibiki's school and staying at her house without permission. While not into strength training, she practices sambo and manages to stay fit that way. She tries to maintain an image of a typical Russian stereotype, but is really just an otaku. She was the first person to figure out Satomi's secret cosplaying life.
Satomi Tachibana (立花 里美, Tachibana Satomi)
Voiced by: Yui Horie[6] (Japanese); Leah Clark[3] (English)
Satomi is the history teacher at Koyo Women's Academy. She is secretly a famous cosplayer who uses the alias Yuria Riko. Upon joining the Silverman Gym, like Hibiki, she also develops a crush on Machio. Gina was the first to figure out Satomi's secret cosplaying life, as she is a fan of Yuria Riko.
Naruzo Machio (街雄 鳴造, Machio Naruzo)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa[7] (Japanese); Stephen Fu[3] (English)
A trainer at the Silverman Gym who regularly coaches Hibiki and Akemi. Hibiki develops a crush on him at first sight, which becomes her primary motivation to join the gym. He is a dedicated, kindhearted and polite professional who always earnestly helps and supports Hibiki. Although belying his charming demeanor and handsome profile, Machio is deceptively muscular. While Machio looks no different than a regular young man with his clothes on, he has such a large and well-defined physique that once he flexes his muscles, he reveals a muscle mass so large he literally rips his clothes, which contrasts with his baby face. It is revealed that he was a classmate of Hibiki's brother and Ayaka's sister, and a disciple of Barnold Shortsinator.

Supporting characters[edit]

Barnold Shortsinator (ハーンノルド・ドゲゲンチョネッガー, Hānnorudo Dogegenchoneggā)
Voiced by: Tesshō Genda[8] (Japanese); Cris George[3] (English)
A famous movie star whom Hibiki and Ayaka are huge fans of. He is also Machio's mentor. He is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Nana Uehara (上原 ナナ, Uehara Nana)
Voiced by: Rina SatōEp. 2 credits (Japanese); Molly Searcy[9][10] (English)
Ayaka's older sister. She works as a boxing coach at the Glory Gym.
Rumika Aina (愛菜 るみか, Aina Rumika)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu[11] (Japanese); Jessica Cavanagh[3] (English)
Rumika is Hibiki and Ayaka's homeroom teacher. Like Satomi, she is also secretly a cosplayer.
Yakusha Kure (呉 夜叉, Kure Yakusha)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara[12] (Japanese); Natalie Hoover[3] (English)
Yakusha is Akemi and Gina's homeroom teacher, who is in excellent physical condition for someone her age and dislikes being referred to as old. Her character is a reference to the author's previous series, Kengan Ashura, hailing from the Kure Clan, a notorious family of assassins, and being the mother of one of the characters appearing in the series, Karla Kure.
Kutaro Deire (出入 苦多朗, Deire Kutaro)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino[13] (Japanese); Christopher Bevins[3] (English)
A man who works as a director for a TV station.
Jason Sgatham (ジェイソン・スゲエサム)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura[14] (Japanese); Ray Hurd[3] (English)
Barnold Shortsinator's secretary. He is a parody of Jason Statham.
Voiced by: Tesshō Genda[7] (Japanese); Ian Sinclair[3] (English)



No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 December 19, 2016[15]ISBN 978-4-09-127466-3November 26, 2019[16]ISBN 978-1-64505-292-0
  • 1. "Joining Up" (入会, Nyūkai)
  • 2. "Bench Press" (ベンチプレス, Benchi puresu)
  • 3. "Squat" (スクワット, Sukuwatto)
  • 4. "Stretching" (ストレッチ, Sutoretchi)
  • 5. "Planks" (プランク, Puranku)
  • 6. "Lat Putdown" (ラットプルダウン, Ratto puru daun)
  • 7. "Cheat Day" (チートデイ, Chīto dei)
  • 8. "Dumbbell Curls" (ダンベルカール, Danberu kāru)
  • 9. "Front Press" (フロントプレス, Furonto puresu)
  • 10. "Chest Press M/C" (チェストプレスマシン, Chesu puresu mashin)
2 June 12, 2017[17]ISBN 978-4-09-127632-2February 25, 2020[16]ISBN 978-1-64505-293-7
  • 11. "Dips" (ティップス, Tippusu)
  • 12. "Burpees" (バービー, Bābī)
  • 13. "Leg Curls" (レッグカール, Reggu kāru)
  • 14. "Bicycle Crunches" (バイシクルクランチ, Baishikuru kuranchi)
  • 15. "Pull-ups" (チンニング, Chinningu)
  • 16. "Sauna" (サウナ)
  • 17. "Arm-Wrestling 1" (アームレスリング①, Āmu resuringu Ichi)
  • 18. "Arm-Wrestling 2" (アームレスリング②, Āmu resuringu Ni)
  • 19. "Calisthenics" (反動トレーニング, Handō torēningu)
3 December 12, 2017[18]ISBN 978-4-09-128050-3June 2, 2020[16]ISBN 978-1-64505-452-8
  • 20. "Beef" (Gyūniku, 牛肉)
  • 21. "Hunchback" (Nekoze, 猫背)
  • 22. "Active Rest" (Akutibu resuto, アクティブレスト)
  • 23. "Deadlift" (Deddo rifuto, デッドリフト)
  • 24. "Skull Crushers" (Sukaru kurasshā, スカルクラッシャー)
  • 25. "Posing" (Pōjingu, ポージング)
  • 26. "Incline Bench" (Inkurain benchi, インクラインベンチ)
  • 27. "Stair Climbing" (Kaidan, 階段)
  • 28. "Street Workout" (Sutorīto wākuauto, ストリートワークアウト)
4 April 12, 2018[19]ISBN 978-4-09-128266-8October 27, 2020[16]ISBN 978-1-64505-519-8
  • 29. Resurā burijji (レスラーブリッジ)
  • 30. Saido bento (サイドベント)
  • 31. Kāfu reizu (カーフレイズ)
  • 32. Marason-yō no Kintore (マラソン用の筋トレ)
  • 33. Hando guribbu (ハンドグリッブ)
  • 34. Kūki isu (空気椅子)
  • 35. Chūbu toreēningu (チューブトレーニング)
  • 36. Taikai (大会)
  • 37. Purotein & sapurimento (プロテイン&サプリメント)
  • 38. Panchi ryoku (パンチ力)
5 October 19, 2018[20]ISBN 978-4-09-128674-1December 29, 2020[16]ISBN 978-1-64505-776-5
  • 39. Zenshinteki kinshikanhō (漸進的筋弛緩法)
  • 40. Rūmu rannā (ルームランナー)
  • 41. Abu rōrā (アブローラー)
  • 42. Bān mashin (バーンマシン)
  • 43. Reggu puresu (レッグプレス)
  • 44. Seiteki sutoretchi (静的ストレッチ)
  • 45. Waki shime (脇締め)
  • 46. Risuto kāru (リストカール)
  • 47. BDNF
6 January 18, 2019[21]ISBN 978-4-09-128756-4
  • 48. Yama no Aruki kata (山の歩き方)
  • 49. Rōpu kuraimingu (ロープクライミング)
  • 50. EMS mashin (EMS マシン)
  • 51. Hippu surasuto (ヒップスラスト)
  • 52. Dekurain benchi puresu (デクラインベンチプレス)
  • 53. Shuraggu (シュラッグ)
  • 54. Pusshu appu (プッシュアップ)
  • 55. Pāsonaru torēningu (パーソナルトレーニング)
  • 56. Abudominaru mashin (アブドミナルマシン)
7 June 19, 2019[22]ISBN 978-4-09-129238-4
  • 57. Hanmā kāru (ハンマーカール)
  • 58. Furoa puresu (フロアプレス)
  • 59. Suburi (素振り)
  • 60. Purēto torēningu (プレートトレーニング)
  • 61. Ribāsu gurippu benchi puresu (リバースグリップベンチプレス)
  • 62. Surō torēningu (スロートレーニング)
  • 63. Fukkin sākitto (腹筋サーキット)
  • 64. Burugarian sukuwatto (ブルガリアンスクワット)
8 August 8, 2019[23]ISBN 978-4-09-129375-6
  • 65. Dōtai shiryoku (動体視力)
  • 66. Seiteki sutoretchi (静的ストレッチ)
  • 67. Doroppu setto (ドロップセット)
  • 68. Danberu shorudā puresu (ダンベルショルダープレス)
  • 69. Sutorēto nekku kaizen-hō (ストレートネック改善法)
  • 70. Saido reizu (サイドレイズ)
  • 71. Borudaringu (ボルダリング)
  • 72. Hanpuku yoko tobi (反復横跳び)
9 April 10, 2020[24]ISBN 978-4-09-850092-5


An anime television series adaptation was announced on January 15, 2019.[25] The series was produced by Doga Kobo and directed by Mitsue Yamazaki, with Fumihiko Shimo handling the series composition, Ai Kikuchi designing the characters, and Yukari Hashimoto composing the music.[26] It aired from July 3 to September 18, 2019 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, and other channels.[1] The opening theme is "Onegai Muscle" (お願いマッスル) performed by Ai Fairouz and Kaito Ishikawa, and the ending theme is "Macho A Name?" (マッチョアネーム?) performed by Ishikawa.[7] Funimation has licensed the series.[27] It ran for 12 episodes.[28]

No. Title[a] Original air date[29]
1"Why Don't You Try Strength Training?"
Transcription: "Kintore yatte miru?" (Japanese: 筋トレやってみる?)
July 3, 2019 (2019-07-03)
Hibiki Sakura and Ayaka Uehara are walking home from Koyo Women's Academy when Ayaka notices that Hibiki has gained weight and suggests that she should go on a diet. After she weighs herself, Hibiki decides to go on a diet. A week later, she heads to the Silverman Gym. When the receptionist guides her inside the gym, Hibiki notices that Akemi Soryuin, who is from the same school as her, wants to join too. They look at one of the training rooms and notice that all of the members are buff, which causes Akemi to instantly join. When Naruzo Machio, one of the trainers, introduces himself to Hibiki, she joins as well. The next day, Machio instructs them to try the bench press. Hibiki tires out, but Akemi is able to lift it. Hibiki goes to relax when Machio comforts her. Suddenly, he poses and she notices that he has a buffed up figure. At night, Akemi thinks that it is nice to have a training partner with Hibiki. At school, Hibiki is sore from the gym and Ayaka notices that Hibiki is still gaining weight. Later, Machio instructs Hibiki to try doing squats. After training, Akemi notices that Hibiki likes to eat. When Hibiki reveals how much she eats per day, Akemi states how amazing Hibiki is and how she want them to become strong and macho together.
2"Why Don't You Have Some Protein?"
Transcription: "Purotein totte miru?" (Japanese: プロテイン摂ってみる?)
July 10, 2019 (2019-07-10)
At the gym, Hibiki weighs herself and notices that she still gained weight. She asks Machio for advice to lose weight. Akemi tells Hibiki to try the Lat Pulldown Machine. After using it, they visit the gym's bar and Akemi offers Hibiki more protein. The next day, Akemi convinces Hibiki to go to the swimming pool to get some exercise. Later, at Ayaka's house, Hibiki and Ayaka are watching a movie. Just as they are about watch more movies, Ayaka's sister asks her to help her out and bring Hibiki along too. To Hibiki's surprise, she finds out that Ayaka's family owns a boxing gym called the Glory Gym. Ayaka's sister reveals that their dad taught them how to box and they serve as the coaches when he is not there. When Ayaka stops to rest for a moment, Hibiki notices her physique and asks about how she works out. Ayaka tells her about some of the exercises that she does. Afterwards, Ayaka's sister suggests that Hibiki should try the punching bag. When she punches it, the bag breaks.
3"Sensei's on a Diet, Too?"
Transcription: "Sensei mo daietto suru?" (Japanese: 先生もダイエットする?)
July 17, 2019 (2019-07-17)
Satomi Tachibana and Rumika Aina are teachers at Koyo Women's Academy and Satomi thinks she has gained weight. Rumika gives her a pamphlet to try the Silverman Gym. When she arrives at the gym, she notices that Hibiki and Akemi are there as well. Akemi talks to Satomi about exercising, but she does not get what Akemi is saying. Machio introduces himself to Satomi and instructs her to use the dumbbell. During the training, Akemi notices that Satomi has a tan on her stomach and Hibiki wants to tease her, but Machio stops them. It is later revealed that Satomi is a famous cosplayer. At school, Hibiki, Akemi, and Ayaka are having lunch. Here, Ayaka finds out that Hibiki and Akemi are working out at the same gym. When they comment about their bentos, Akemi convinces Hibiki to try a certain diet. At an event, Satomi is cosplaying and posing until she sees Hibiki and Akemi. However, they do not notice her as they spot Machio cosplaying at the event as well. While many of the photographers took pictures of her, they focus their attention on Machio instead. As Satomi is heading home, the trio notices her, with Hibiki believing that she bought dojinshi. At her house, Satomi still wonders who Machio was cosplaying as and is confused why he is known as the "Muscle King".
4"Did You Have a Nice Summer?"
Transcription: "Natsuyasumi ii koto atta?" (Japanese: 夏休みいい事あった?)
July 24, 2019 (2019-07-24)
When Hibiki arrives at the Silverman Gym, she notices that Akemi is staring at the training room. Machio explains to them that during prime time, there is an influx of regular and new members working out. Machio instructs Hibiki and Akemi to try the chest press. When prime time ends, Ayaka unexpectedly shows up and Hibiki thinks that she has left her gym. Ayaka reveals that the Glory Gym is taking in newer members and the Silverman Gym asked her to teach boxing. The next day, the trio wants to work out at the gym, but it is closed. They then head to other places, but they are closed as well. Akemi suggests that they go to her house instead. Hibiki and Ayaka are stunned when see Akemi's mansion, who explains to them that she lives there with her sister. Akemi then goes to find a training manual. Ayaka wants to try an exercise from the manual by using chairs. Later, Hibiki attempts to do an enhanced version of the exercise, but she inadvertently breaks the chairs and ends up apologizing to Akemi. For the rest of summer break, Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, and Satomi decide to go to the beach. However, they see a sign that forbids swimming due to sharks. Akemi suggests that they should try the Burpee. This is then followed by Ayaka suggesting that they go sprinting.
5"What's Your Sports Day Event?"
Transcription: "Taiikusai nani ni deru?" (Japanese: 体育祭何に出る?)
July 31, 2019 (2019-07-31)
At school, Rumika tells the class to choose the event for Sports Day. The class decides on doing a 400 meter relay. At the gym, Machio suggests that Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, and Satomi should train their hamstrings by doing leg curls. Hibiki is passionate about doing the exercise when Satomi, Akemi, and Ayaka notices her shorts are torn. Machio is too busy posing to notice. The next day, Hibiki, Akemi, and Ayaka are walking to school when Hibiki complains about how sore she is due to the exercise. Later, the final event of Sports Day is the relay with Hibiki and Akemi serving as the anchors for their respective classes. While awaiting her turn, Hibiki remembers how Machio instructed her to try the Bicycle Crunch. When her turn finally comes, her classmate drops the baton. Picking it up, Hibiki continues the relay and finishes in second place behind Akemi. She is satisfied with her accomplishment until she receives the unfortunate news from Satomi that her class is disqualified because she illegally picked up the baton. At the gym, Machio gives Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, and Satomi raffle tickets as a way to celebrate the Silverman Gym being open for six months. Afterwards, they head to gym's sauna. While everyone is relaxing, Hibiki makes a bet to see who can stay in there the longest. In the end, Hibiki emerges as the winner. She then receives some T-shirts from the raffle.
6"Want a New Rival?"
Transcription: "Atarashii raibaru hoshii?" (Japanese: 新しいライバルほしい?)
August 7, 2019 (2019-08-07)
On her way to the Silverman Gym, Hibiki sees a sale for a home theater system. However, she cannot afford it. At the gym, Hibiki, Akemi, and Ayaka see a flyer promoting an arm wrestling tournament, which has a grand prize of 100,000 yen. When Hibiki asks Machio about the tournament, he reveals that it is for gym members only. He suggests that they all should enter. Setting up a table, Machio explains the rules of arm wrestling. In the first match, Hibiki easily defeats Ayaka. Machio then wins the next match when he overpowers Hibiki with his strength. On the day of the tournament, Hibiki finds out that there are only two people competing in the women's division: herself and a Russian named Gina Boyd. The match ends with her easily winning against Gina. Several days later, Gina transfers to Hibiki's school, which surprises Hibiki, Akemi, and Ayaka. Later, Akemi asks Gina about what kind of training she did at the Moscow branch. Gina reveals that she mostly took Sambo classes. She also reveals that she does arm wrestling as a hobby. She is then asked if she does any strength training. She tells them that she does kipping. After school, Akemi asks Gina if she is going to the gym with them. She tells Akemi that she cannot because she is meeting her host family. Later that night, Hibiki arrives at her home when she notices a pair of shoes. She soon realizes that Gina is staying with her.
7"Want to Be an Idol?"
Transcription: "Aidoru ni naritai?" (Japanese: アイドルになりたい?)
August 14, 2019 (2019-08-14)
At school, Hibiki tells Ayaka and Gina that she was surprised to find out the day before that Gina is staying with her. When asked where she learned Japanese from, Gina reveals that she learned from watching anime. She also reveals that she watched Jackie Chan movies in order to understand Japanese culture. After school, Gina is shocked to find out that the gym is closed for the day. Hibiki decides to invite Akemi, Ayaka, and Gina to her job. Once they arrive there, she reveals that she works at her brother's yakiniku restaurant. After her break is over with, Hibiki complains about her gym and food expenses. Akemi then tells her that she can ask the school to cover her gym expenses since her sister is the chairman. The next day, Satomi is teaching the class when Gina realizes that she is the famous cosplayer Yuria Riko. Later that day, Gina hangs out with Satomi and suggests that they jog to Akihabara. When Satomi asks Gina why she wants to go there, she reveals that she wants to form an idol group. At an idol audition, Kutaro Deire, the director, complains about how lackluster and boring it is until Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, Satomi, and Gina show up. Despite the fact that they have captivated the audience, which includes a moment where Satomi does a deadlift, they do not make the cut.
8"What If We Get Lost?"
Transcription: "Sōnan shitara dōsuru?" (Japanese: 遭難したらどうする?)
August 21, 2019 (2019-08-21)
In the teacher's lounge, Rumika and Yakusha asks Satomi if she is going to hang with them tonight. Satomi tells them that she cannot because she has something to do. After she leaves, they wonder why she has been so busy lately until Rumika sees her Silverman Gym card. They then head to the gym where they meet Satomi and their students. Machio introduces himself to them and instructs everyone to try the side bend. Afterwards, Rumika and Yakusha head home. In November, the second year students of Koyo Women's Academy are on a field trip where they are hiking up a mountain. During the hike, Yakusha explains the proper technique and exercise for hiking, which motivates Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, Satomi, and Rumika. However, Hibiki, Satomi, and Rumika end up falling behind the group. As a result, they take the wrong trail. At the summit, Ayaka notices that they are missing. On the other side of the mountain, Hibiki, Satomi, and Rumika freak out when they realize that they are lost. Once they calm down, Satomi notices a tree and explains how to do tree and rope climbing. As they are climbing the tree, Yakusha realizes that they went to the athletic corner of the mountain. Meanwhile, a mysterious man tells his secretary to book a trip to Japan.
9"Have You Seen God Before?"
Transcription: "Kami o mita koto aru?" (Japanese: 神を見たことある?)
August 28, 2019 (2019-08-28)
Arriving in Japan, the mysterious man tells his secretary that he is heading off and that he is going to leave the competition prep to him. Meanwhile, at the Silverman Gym, Machio instructs Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, Satomi, and Gina to try to do back extensions. Just then, he senses a very strong presence. The presence belongs to the mysterious man, who is revealed to be the famous movie star Barnold Shortsinator. When asks about how he knows Barnold, Machio reveals that Barnold was his mentor while he was studying in America. Barnold tells Machio that he had recently found his location and he decided to show up. After Machio crushes a hand grip, Barnold invites him to a bodybuilding competition he is sponsoring. The next day, the girls arrive at the bodybuilding competition where Barnold escorts them to the VIP section. There, he explains the rules of the competition. When it is Machio's turn, he does a pose that is so powerful it causes the other competitors to concede defeat. Congratulating Machio on his victory, Barnold reveals that the competition was a test and he invites Machio to compete against him in Las Vegas. Machio tells him that he is not sure he can make it due to his job. At the gym, Barnold's secretary introduces himself to everybody and reveals that he is staying in Japan under Barnold's orders to support Machio's training.
10"Do You Like Christmas?"
Transcription: "Kurisumasu wa osuki?" (Japanese: クリスマスはお好き?)
September 4, 2019 (2019-09-04)
Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, and Gina are hanging out together while the town is into the Christmas spirit. However, they become despondent when they realize that they do not have boyfriends. At the gym, Machio and Satomi try to cheer them up to no avail. Machio then tells everyone that a Christmas party will be held at the gym. While they are training, he instructs them to try to do some skull crushers. When Hibiki attempts it, the bar lands on her head. At the Christmas party, the girls are enjoying themselves when Machio announces that the winner of the raffle contest will win two tickets to Tochigi Destinyland. While Machio is posing, Akemi explains that it is actually a type of training. Afterwards, it is revealed that Satomi won. However, she cannot go because she is too busy, and she gives the tickets to Akemi. When asked, Akemi reveals that she is going with Machio. At Tochigi Destinyland, Hibiki, Gina, and Satomi follow Akemi and Machio around. When Hibiki and Gina catch up with them, Akemi and Machio reveal that they are entering a cosplay event. He also takes the time to talk about the incline bench press. Meanwhile, a separated Satomi runs into Rumika while both of them are in cosplay, much to their chagrin.
11"How Are You Spending New Year's?"
Transcription: "O shōgatsu nani shiteru?" (Japanese: お正月何してる?)
September 11, 2019 (2019-09-11)
On New Year's Eve, Hibiki and Gina are home when Akemi and Ayaka show up. Meanwhile, Satomi and Rumika are having a drinking party at Satomi's house. Walking around, Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, and Gina decide to head to a shrine. When they arrive, Akemi reveals that the muscle god is worshiped at the shrine. Ayaka then explains the exercise of stair climbing. When they reach the top, they find out that Machio's family owns the shrine and he works as a priest during the holiday. The next day, the girls are hanging out. When they arrive at a park to do a street workout, Gina is disappointed that it is just an empty lot. After Akemi sifts through her training manual, they decide to do an isometrics workout. Later, Gina proposes that they enter a hidden talent show. At the talent show, Kutaro complains about how mediocre it is when the girls show up. Satomi does a wrestler's bridge while Ayaka sits on her. To his surprise, Kutaro learns that the talent show was a ratings success thanks to the girls. As he is heading out, he runs into Jason. Jason hands him a flyer promoting a trip that is being organized by the Silverman Gym.
12"How Heavy Are the Barbells You Lift?"
Transcription: "Bāberu nan-kiro moteru?" (Japanese: バーベル何キロ持てる?)
September 18, 2019 (2019-09-18)
At the Silverman Gym, Machio tells Hibiki and Akemi that the gym is organizing a trip to Nikunoshima for spring break. He also reveals that excluding Jason, everyone will be going as well. Hibiki and Akemi are not sure that they can make it until they find out about the Mr. Nikunoshima contest. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Jason and Kutaro has the gym under surveillance. Arriving at Nikunoshima, the group is enjoying themselves. Machio then arrives with a melon. Deciding to have a melon bash, Machio explains the shrug exercise. Afterwards, Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, and Gina enter the Miss Nikunoshima contest. During the contest, Akemi does handstand push-ups. While she is doing this, Machio takes the time to explain push-ups. When it is Hibiki's turn, she displays her punching power. When it is revealed that they are tied in first place, they compete in a bench press battle, which Akemi wins. Later, it is revealed that Jason and Kutaro are stranded at sea. At the beach, Hibiki and Akemi talk about how much they have grown thanks to their training. Just then, they spot something heading their way. Barnold meets with everyone and reveals that he rescued Jason and Kutaro. Afterwards, Hibiki weighs herself. Once she sees the results, she leaves in a very happy mood.


In 2019, the manga was nominated for the 65th Shogakukan Manga Award for the shōnen category.[30]

Gadget Tsūshin listed lines from the opening theme and the training video in their 2019 anime buzzwords list.[31]

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  • Kengan Ashura – Another manga series by the author set in the same universe.


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