How Much More

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"How Much More"
Single by Supernova
GenrePop punk
LabelSympathy for the Record Industry
Songwriter(s)Charlotte Caffey, Jane Wiedlin

"How Much More" is the sixth single by Orange County pop punk band Supernova, released on 7" by Sympathy for the Record Industry in 1996.

The title track is a cover of a Go-Go's song, from their 1981 album Beauty and the Beat, written by Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin.

Track listing[edit]

Side A:

  • How Much More (Caffey, Wiedlin)

Side B:

  • Supernova Intro (live)
  • Calling Hong Kong (live)


  • Art Mitchell - Vocals, bass guitar
  • Hayden 'Hank' Thais - Guitar, vocals
  • Dave Collins - Drums, vocals

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