How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

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How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Volume 1.jpg
Cover of the first light novel volume, featuring Liscia Elfrieden (left) and Kazuya Souma (right)
(Genjitsu Shugi Yūsha no Ōkoku Saikenki)
GenreFantasy comedy, harem, isekai[1]
Novel series
Written byDojyomaru
Published byShōsetsuka ni Narō (2014–2016)
Pixiv (2016–present)
Original run2014 – present
Light novel
Written byDojyomaru
Illustrated byFuyuyuki
Published byOverlap
English publisher
ImprintOverlap Bunko
Original runMay 25, 2016 – present
Volumes17 (List of volumes)
Written byDojyomaru
Illustrated bySatoshi Ueda
Published byOverlap
English publisher
MagazineComic Gardo
Original runJuly 10, 2017 – present
Volumes8 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byTakashi Watanabe
Produced by
  • Yukio Kikukawa
  • Fumihiro Ozawa
  • Riko Koarai
  • Shouhei Yoshida
  • Mou Lanfeng
Written byGō Zappa
Hiroshi Ōnogi
Music byAkiyuki Tateyama
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Mighty Media
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11
English network
Original run July 4, 2021 April 3, 2022
Episodes26 (List of episodes)

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom (Japanese: 現実主義勇者の王国再建記, Hepburn: Genjitsu Shugi Yūsha no Ōkoku Saikenki), also known as Re:CONSTRUCTION - The Elfrieden Kingdom Tales of Realistic Brave,[a] is a Japanese light novel series written by Dojyomaru and illustrated by Fuyuyuki. The story follows Kazuya Souma, a humanities-student-turned-hero as he pulls on his knowledge of realism and machiavellianism in order to rebuild the kingdom. A manga adaptation by Satoshi Ueda began serialization online in Overlap's Comic Gardo manga website in July 2017. Digital publisher J-Novel Club has licensed both the light novel and manga for an English release.[2] An anime television series adaptation by J.C.Staff aired from July 2021 to April 2022.


Main characters[edit]

Kazuya Souma (相馬 一也 / ソーマ・カズヤ, Sōma Kazuya)
Voiced by: Yūsuke Kobayashi[3] (Japanese); Alejandro Saab[4] (English)
Summoned to another world to reportedly deal with the threat of the Demon Lord's Domain, Kazuya instead finds himself with the throne of the Kingdom of Elfrieden and the hand of Liscia Elfrieden forced on him. Now acting king, Kazuya begins radical reforms in order to improve the standard of living in the kingdom. In the One Week War, Kazuya finds himself in a civil war between himself and Dukes Georg Carmine and Castor Vargas while also having to fight the Principality of Amidonia. Through a series of military strategies, Kazuya emerges victorious and annexes Amidonia (although this was unplanned on his part) to create the Unified Kingdom of Elfrieden and Amidonia, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Friedonia. He then forges a secret alliance with Empress Maria Euphoria of the Gran Chaos Empire.
Liscia Elfrieden (リーシア・エルフリーデン, Rīshia Erufurīden)
Voiced by: Inori Minase[3] (Japanese); Anairis Quiñones[4] (English)
The crown princess of the Elfrieden Kingdom and Kazuya's first fiancée, Liscia was at Kazuya's side from the very beginning. Initially dissatisfied with the unannounced engagement, Liscia soon softens and eventually develops deep feelings for Kazuya. Following the end of the One Week War, both Kazuya and Liscia affirm their love for each other, which results with the beginning of a series of nightly activities. Liscia is tolerant of Kazuya's many female admirers, even encouraging him to take more wives. However, she remains adamant about wanting to remain the first wife.
Aisha Udgard (アイーシャ・ウドガルド, Aīsha Udogarudo)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hasegawa[5] (Japanese); Emily Fajardo[6] (English)
Daughter of the Chief of the Dark Elves of the God Protected Forest, Aisha Udgard is one of the five people discovered during the gathering of the Gifted People, the first policy Kazuya implemented upon his impromptu accession to the throne. She serves as Kazuya's bodyguard and falls deeply in love with him during the landslide incident that struck her home. Following the One Week War, Aisha becomes Kazuya's second fiancée in recognition for her actions in that war concerning the hostile Principality of Amidonia. She is an accomplished warrior and big eater and Kazuya thinks of her as a cute pet.
Juna Doma (ジュナ・ドーマ, Juna Dōma)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda[7] (Japanese); Morgan Garrett[6] (English)
Also known as Lady Canaria of the Elfrieden Navy's Marine force, Juna Doma is the granddaughter of Duchess Excel Walter, who was sent to spy on Kazuya when he was first announced as the new King. She is one of the five people discovered during the gathering of the Gifted People. She primarily aids Kazuya in both war and in peace by being the Prima Lorelei, Kazuya's implementation of the concept of the Japanese idol. After falling in love with Kazuya, she is secretly made into his third fiancée with the reason for withholding the fact of their betrothal is the possibility of starting riots when the commonfolk discovers that the famous idol is being wed.
Roroa Amidonia (ロロア・アミドニア, Roroa Amidonia)
Voiced by: M.A.O[8] (Japanese); Jad Saxton[4] (English)
The princess of the former Principality of Amidonia, Roroa Amidonia's craftiness had forced Kazuya to not only take her as his fourth fiancée but also annex the entirety of Amidonian territory instead of just the capital in order to prevent the Turgis Republic and the Orthodox Papal State of Lunaria from getting their claws on the territory after the Principality had lost the war. She has a very keen sense of economics and heads the Silver Deer, a private company whose public face is that of her acquaintance, Sebastian Silvadia.
Naden Delal (ナデン・デラール, Naden Derāru)
A dragon hailing from the Star Dragon Mountain Range, Naden had been bullied for not having wings but Kazuya realized that she was a ryu and made a contract with her despite not being part of the Nothung Dragon Knight Kingdom. Naden eventually became Kazuya's fifth and final fiancée.

Kingdom of Elfrieden/Kingdom of Friedonia[edit]

Hakuya Kwonmin (ハクヤ・クオンミン, Hakuya Kuonmin)
Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu[9] (Japanese); Howard Wang[6] (English)
The Prime Minister of the Elfrieden Kingdom (now the Kingdom of Friedonia), Hakuya Kwonmin is one of the five people discovered during the gathering of the Gifted People. He serves as Kazuya's right-hand man and has extremely great insight into the human psyche. He is casual friends with Jeanne Euphoria, the younger sister of Maria Euphoria, the Empress of the Gran Chaos Empire.
He has respect for the philosophies Kazuya references, seeing the wisdom Earth holds.
Poncho Panacotta (ポンチョ・パナコッタ, Poncho Panakotta)
Voiced by: Masaaki Mizunaka[10] (Japanese); Jim Foronda[11] (English)
The Minister of Agriculture and Foresty of the Elfriedon Kingdom, Poncho Panacotta is one of the five people discovered during the gathering of the Gifted People. Due to his vast knowledge of edible delicacies, he was a key player in ending the food shortages in the kingdom. Kazuya has given him the name of Ishizuka.
Tomoe Inui (トモエ・イヌイ, Tomoe Inui)
Voiced by: Moeka Kishimoto[10] (Japanese); Emi Lo[6] (English)
A member of the Mystic Wolf race and one of the five people discovered during the gathering of the Gifted People, Tomoe Inui possesses the rare ability to speak to all manner of beasts and animals. When it was revealed that she could speak to a demon, Kazuya immediately recognized her as extremely valuable and she was adopted by Albert and Elisha Elfrieden in order to shelter her, in the process, becoming Kazuya's sister-in-law-to-be and Liscia's adoptive sister.
Halbert Magna (ハルバート・マグナ, Harubāto Maguna)
Voiced by: Taku Yashiro[12] (Japanese); Kellen Goff[13] (English)
Son of the noble house of Magna and member of the Elfrieden Army under Duke Georg Carmine. He met Kazuya when the king overheard an argument between Halbert and his childhood friend Kaede Foxia. Rather than being arrested for Lese Majeste, Halbert was instead transferred to the Forbidden Army, under Kazuya's jurisdiction. The two have since become friends, and Halbert is one of the few people permitted to disregard the rules of royal etiquette with Kazuya and carry on a casual conversation. In the aftermath of the Storm Crisis, it is revealed that he and Kaede got engaged. He is also partnered with Ruby, a Red Dragon of the Star Dragon Mountain Range.
Kaede Foxia (カエデ・フォキシア, Kaede Fokishia)
Voiced by: Marika Kouno[14] (Japanese); Anjali Kunapaneni[15] (English)
A member of the Mystic Fox race, Kaede is the daughter of the noble house of Foxia, and childhood friend to Halbert Magna. She is an intelligent and talented young woman, and a Mage in the Forbidden Army specializing in Earth Magic. She is currently serving as a staff officer under Captain Ludwin Arcs and is Hal's direct superior, a situation that both pleases and irritates the both of them at times. Kaede cares deeply for Hal, and she spoke in his defense when the two first met Kazuya. In the aftermath of the Storm Crisis, it is revealed that she is engaged to Halbert when she chastises him for unthinkingly riding on Ruby's back.
Ludwin Arcs (ルドウィン・アークス, Rudowin Ākusu)
Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa[16] (Japanese); Daman Mills[17] (English)
Captain of the Royal Guard and Commander of the Forbidden Army under the direct command of Kazuya. He is a popular man in Kazuya's royal court, but despite his looks and position, remains unattached. This is mainly due to rumors of financial trouble, as Ludwin is often seen eating the cheapest items on offer in the castle's cafeteria. He is childhood friends with Genia Maxwell, whom he regards with a brotherly affection, despite her eccentricity. After Kazuya realizes Genia's usefulness as an inventor, he and Liscia pressure Ludwin into an engagement to Genia, which he shyly accepts.
Genia Maxwell (ジーニャ・マクスウェル, Jīnya Makusuweru)
Voiced by: Konomi Kohara[18] (Japanese); Steph Garrett[19] (English)
Last of the noble house of Maxwell, and childhood friend of Ludwin Arcs. She is an eccentric genius and self-proclaimed Overscientist, specializing in the study of technology and artifacts discovered in the various dungeons found throughout the world. Her talents have been recognized by Kazuya, and the king is currently seeking to develop and implement several of her inventions for the good of the kingdom. In order to ensure her safety and continued loyalty, Kazuya and Liscia convince Ludwin and Genia to get engaged, which Genia shows some minor affections for, but states that she was certain that it would happen someday.
Excel Walter (エクセル・ヴォルター, Ekuseru Vorutā)
Voiced by: Yui Horie[8] (Japanese); Marti Etheridge[4] (English)
A sea serpent who is over 500 years old at the time of Kazuya's summoning. Despite her age, as a member of a "long-lived" race she still has the appearance of a human in her mid-to-late twenties. She is the Admiral of the Kingdom of Elfrieden's Navy, based in Lagoon City of the Walter Duchy. She is the only one of the three duchies to publicly side with Kazuya during the Civil War.
Castor Vargas (カストール・バルガス, Kasutōru Barugasu)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama[8] (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht[4] (English)
A dragonewt and the General of the Kingdom of Elfrieden's Air Force. He is a loyal and skilled warrior, yet is impulsive to action. As the head of the Vargas Duchy, he opted during the Civil War to have the Air Force take a neutral stance, but publicly supported Duke Carmine with his personal members of the Air Force. In his youth, he attempted to engage in romantic relations with Duchess Excel Walter, but was rejected. He ended up marrying one of the duchess's daughters, making him her son-in-law. Though defeated during the Civil War, Kazuya decided to spare Castor from execution for his treason.
Carla Vargas (カルラ・バルガス, Karura Barugasu)
Voiced by: Aimi[20] (Japanese); Madeleine Morris[21] (English)
A dragonewt and daughter of Castor Vargas. She is Castor's eldest child, also having a younger brother named Carl. She is friends with Liscia from their time together at the military academy. Despite Liscia's attempts to use Carla's connection to Castor, Liscia was unable to convince both to support Kazuya during the Civil War. Carla sided with her father during the Civil War despite Castor's attempt to disinherit her along with her mother and brother as to spare her from potential treason charges. Kazuya decided to likewise spare Carla from execution for treason, forcing her to become one of the royal families maids instead.
Georg Carmine (ゲオルグ・カーマイン, Georugu Kāmain)
Voiced by: Taiten Kusunoki[8] (Japanese); Marcus D. Stimac[4] (English)
A lion-headed beastman and General of the Kingdom of Elfrieden's Army. He was a loyal vassal, a widely respected tactician, and a mentor to Liscia. However, during the Civil War, he was the public opposition to Kazuya's reign as king. It is revealed after being defeated during the Civil War that he actually supported Kazuya's decisions, but was sacrificing himself to be a rally point for Kazuya's domestic enemies within the nobility of Elfrieden. Though he would be sentenced to be executed for treason, Kazuya offered him "poisoned wine" to escape his sentence. Though officially dead, according to an Elfrieden news report, a leader of Kazuya's personal spy network, the Black Cats, looks suspiciously like the "late" duke.
Albert Elfrieden (アルベルト・エルフリーデン, Aruberuto Erufurīden)
Voiced by: Mugihito[22] (Japanese); Keith Silverstein[4] (English)
The previous king of Elfrieden before Kazuya and father of Liscia. He was regarded as a friendly, yet overall weak, king. In order to satisfy the demands of the Gran Chaos Empire for either supporting funds or a summoned hero, he orders the summoning which brought Kazuya to the world. After seeing Kazuya's initial plans, he abdicates the throne to Kazuya and arranges for Liscia to be married to him. Albert married into the royal family through Elisha and thus is not technically the blood royal.
Elisha Elfrieden (エリシャ・エルフリーデン, Erisha Erufurīden)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue[22] (Japanese); Anastasia Muñoz[4] (English)
The previous queen of Elfrieden before Kazuya and mother of Liscia. She is a quiet woman who leaves the decisions of leadership to Albert, despite technically being the blood royal. She is the sole survivor of the royal family from the succession war that occurred after "the king before the previous king" died, the "previous king" being Albert. She possesses a dark-type magical ability which she reveals to Kazuya after the events of the Civil War. Her ability enables her to send memories to her past self in order to change patterns of events. She can also use this ability on others at the same time. It is revealed that this ability was the reason she was the survivor of the succession war and was the catalyst for why Albert abdicated the throne to Kazuya.
Gatsby Colbert (ギャツビー・コルベール, Gyatsubī Korubēru)
Voiced by: Seiichirō Yamashita[23] (Japanese); Caleb Yen[24] (English)
The former Minister of Finance of Amidonia and current Minister of Finance of Friedonia. Along with Roroa Amidonia, he attempted to dissuade Gaius and Julius Amidonia from invading Elfrieden but was unsuccessful, resulting in the One Week War. Before conflict could occur, he disappeared from the Amidonian capital of Van along with Roroa and several other bureaucrats loyal to her. During the Amidonian revolution, he returned with the others and was granted his current position by Kazuya.

Principality of Amidonia[edit]

Gaius Amidonia (ガイウス・アミドニア, Gaiusu Amidonia)
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada[22] (Japanese); Brandon Potter (English)
The last sovereign prince of the Principality of Amidonia, Gaius Amidonia the Eighth is one of the major players during the One Week War. Having trespassed the southwestern border of Elfrieden, Gaius laid siege to the city of Altomura. In a clever plan crafted by Kazuya, Hakuya, and Georg Carmine, Elfrieden was able to outwit Gaius, forcing him to flee back into Amidonia proper. In the subsequent battle, Kazuya himself ended Gaius's life but not before Gaius instructed his son to keep the flames of vengeance burning. Gaius's death resulted in the Elfrieden occupation of Amidonia's capital city, Van.
Julius Amidonia (ユリウス・アミドニア, Yuriusu Amidonia)
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima[22] (Japanese); David Matranga (English)
The son of Gaius and the older brother of Roroa, Julius Amidonia is the prince who hastily inherited his post from his father prior to his death. However, after negotiations with the Gran Chaos Empire ended and Julius was given back his country to govern, rebellions soon rose up due to his ineffective and harsh leadership. Julius himself was driven out of the country, fleeing to the Empire, and with Roroa's intervention, the Principality of Amidonia was annexed into Elfrieden with the added bonus of Princess Roroa's hand in marriage.

Gran Chaos Empire[edit]

Maria Euphoria (マリア=ユーフォリア, Maria Yūforia)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto[8] (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett[4] (English)
Known as the Saint, Maria Euphoria is the Empress of the Gran Chaos Empire. Having held up the Declaration of Mankind's Common Front Against the Demon Race, simply, the Mankind Declaration, she is Kazuya's idealistic opposite. After the One Week War and the annexation of Amidonia, Kazuya and Maria forged a secret alliance in order to prepare for a full-on war with the Demon Lord's Domain.
Jeanne Euphoria (ジャンヌ=ユーフォリア, Jan'nu Yūforia)
Voiced by: Yui Ishikawa[8] (Japanese); Michelle Rojas[4] (English)
The younger sister of Maria Euphoria, she was the one sent by the Gran Chaos Empire to take part in the negotiations of the Kingdom of Elfrieden and the Principality of Amidonia. Since then, she has been in constant contact with the Kingdom of Elfrieden (now the Kingdom of Friedonia) through the broadcasting jewel, especially with the prime minister Hakuya Kwonmin with whom she shares a close relationship, despite having rarely met him in person.

Star Dragon Mountain Range[edit]

Tiamat (ティアマト, Tiamato)
Also known as the Mother Dragon, she is an ancient dragon who is the ruler of the Star Dragon Mountain Range. Her age is unknown, but also possesses the title of Old One, which she does not have the authority to explain. She has great magical powers including transformation into a human form, a form of telepathy, and teleportation abilities.
Ruby (ルビィ, Rubi)
A red dragon who called the Star Dragon Mountain Range home. She was one of the dragons that bullied Naden directly due to her appearance and abilities. During the Storm Crisis in the Star Dragon Mountain Range, she was beaten by the other dragons as they blamed her for Naden's disappearance. After Naden's return, she was the first to decide to help Naden in order to restore her pride in herself. Despite her inability to utilize her wings in the storm, with the assistance of Halbert, she plunged into the storm and aided Naden for several moments before carrying a message to the other dragons. As during these events Halbert rode on her back, Ruby was no longer considered chaste and was contract partnered with Halbert with the blessing of the Mother Dragon.
A white dragon and the only one that Naden considers a friend. Pai often shows concern for Naden and constantly supports her despite not fully understanding Naden's obsessions with human culture.
A blue dragon and one of Ruby's companions when bullying Naden.
A green dragon and one of Ruby's companions when bullying Naden.


Light novels[edit]

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom is written by Dojyomaru and illustrated by Fuyuyuki. The series originally started as a web novel in 2014 on Shōsetsuka ni Narō, but it was subsequently deleted and resumed on Pixiv. The series was later acquired by Overlap, who published the first volume as a light novel under their Overlap Bunko imprint in 2016. Digital English light novel publisher J-Novel Club announced their acquisition of the series on February 23, 2017.[25] The print version is published by Seven Seas Entertainment.[26] As of April 25, 2022, seventeen volumes have been released.

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 May 25, 2016[27]978-4-86554-111-3February 23, 2017 (digital)[28]
September 11, 2018 (print)[29]
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Fundraising
  • Chapter 2: Start From X
  • Chapter 3: Let's Create a Broadcast Program
  • Intermission 1: Serina and the Death Spirit Panic
  • Chapter 4: A Day Off in Parnam
  • Intermission 2: The Sighs of Duchess Excel Walter
  • Chapter 5: The Legendary Old Man
  • Chapter 6: Relief
  • Epilogue
  • Extra Story: The Story of a Certain Group of Adventurers
2 September 25, 2016[30]978-4-86554-148-9May 12, 2017 (digital)[31]
January 22, 2019 (print)[32]
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: A Sign
  • Chapter 2: The Casts of Two Nations
  • Chapter 3: Ultimatum
  • Extra Story: The Story of a Certain Group of Adventurers 2
  • Chapter 4: The Lord of Altomura
  • Chapter 5: The Battle Outside Randel
  • Chapter 6: The Scheming Battle for Red Dragon City
  • Chapter 7: Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree
  • Chapter 8: Declaration of War
  • Chapter 9: The Final Battle
  • Epilogue: The True Raising of the Curtain
  • Prologue to the Post-war Period
3 June 25, 2017[33]978-4-86554-191-5August 3, 2017 (digital)[34]
May 28, 2019 (print)[35]
  • Prologue: On a Moonlit Terrace
  • Chapter 1: Project Lorelei
  • Intermission 1: Lord Ishizuka
  • Chapter 2: Meeting on a Street Corner in Van
  • Chapter 3: Negotiations
  • Chapter 4: Pact
  • Chapter 5: Withdrawal
  • Extra Story: The Story of a Certain Group of Adventurers 3
  • Chapter 6: Standing in Front of the Lion's Cage
  • Chapter 7: Promise
  • Chapter 8: Crime and Punishment
  • Epilogue: Peace is Yet Distant
4 March 15, 2017[36]978-4-86554-226-4October 19, 2017 (digital)[37]
September 17, 2019 (print)[38]
  • Prologue: The Running King
  • Chapter 1: Preparing for Innovation
  • Chapter 2: A Story of Using Shrimp as Bait to Catch Sea Bream, but Instead Catching a Shark
  • Chapter 3: An Unusual Slave Trader
  • Chapter 4: The Museum in the Royal Capital
  • Chapter 5: Weighing Nostalgia Against the Future
  • Final Chapter: In the Snow
  • Bonus Story: The Beginning of 1547, Continental Calendar
5 October 25, 2017[39]978-4-86554-272-1February 1, 2019 (digital)[40]
December 10, 2019 (print)[41]
  • Prologue: The Beginning of the Enlightenment
  • Chapter 1: Let's Make an Educational Program (Silvan's Debut)
  • Intermission 1: The Black Robed One and the Little Sister General, Now Negotiating
  • Chapter 2: The Kingdom's Secret Weapon
  • Intermission 2: Researching a Certain Line of Research
  • Chapter 3: The Fiancees' Bridal Course
  • Chapter 3.5: After the Bridal Course (Souma's Day)
  • Intermission 3: Chance Encounter in the North
  • Chapter 4: The Saint Comes
  • Chapter 5: The Commandment-breaking Bishop, Souji Lester
  • Epilogue: Towards the First Trip Abroad
6 February 27, 2018[42]978-4-86554-314-8June 1, 2018 (digital)[43]
April 14, 2020 (print)[44]
  • Prologue: Naden Delal
  • Chapter 1: What You Get out of Louts and Scissors Depends on How You Use Them
  • Chapter 2: Time Begins to Move
  • Chapter 3: The Narrowing Distance Between the Two
  • Chapter 4: The Naden That Naden Never Knew
  • Chapter 5: Even if this Love was Prearranged
  • Chapter 6: The Plains of Grief
  • Chapter 7: The Storm
  • Epilogue 1: A Dance With You
  • Side Story 1: The Ambassador's Return
  • Side Story 2: Nameless Heroes
  • Side Story 3: Genia and Merula's "Let's Test it!"
  • Epilogue 2: On To Yet Another Country
7 June 25, 2018[45]978-4-86554-363-6September 22, 2018 (digital)[46]
September 22, 2020 (print)[47]
  • Prologue: Meeting Up
  • Chapter 1: From the New City, Venetinova
  • Chapter 2: Urgent News and a Meeting
  • Chapter 3: A Great Man Still in the Making
  • Chapter 4: To Know a Person
  • Chapter 5: Fighting Together
  • Chapter 6: A Trump Card in Negotiations
  • Chapter 7: Tripartite Medical Alliance
  • Epilogue: An Unsettling Presence
  • After Returning to the Country Arc - 1: The Weather Girl
  • After Returning to the Country Arc - 2: Kuu's Stay in the Kingdom
  • After Returning to the Country Arc - 3: The Flower that Blooms in the Field and the Bird in the Cage
  • After Returning to the Country Arc - 4: The God-protected Forest's Longest Day
  • After Returning to the Country Arc - 5: Memorial Festival
8 October 25, 2018[48]978-4-86554-451-0February 15, 2019 (digital)[49]
October 20, 2020 (print)[50]
  • Prologue: The Hawks and Wolves of the Northern Plains
  • Chapter 1: The Road to the North
  • Chapter 2: For the Future
  • Chapter 3: Assignment of Personnel
  • Chapter 4: Defending the Walls of Lasta Castle
  • Chapter 5: Reunion with an Old Foe
  • Chapter 6: The Reality Here and Now
  • Chapter 7: Cooked and Ready to Serve
  • Chapter 8: The Liberation of Lasta
  • Chapter 9: Help Arrives
  • Chapter 10: Everyone's Night Before the Final Battle
  • Chapter 11: The Dabicon is Burning
  • Chapter 12: The Victory Banquet
  • The Friedonian Military, Eastward
9 February 25, 2019[51]978-4-80301-252-1July 20, 2019 (digital)[52]
December 22, 2020 (print)[53]
  • Prologue: Tora and Tiger
  • Chapter 1: Meeting in the Sky
  • Chapter 2: The Fuuga that Halbert Saw
  • Chapter 3: A Little Adventure and a Meeting
  • Chapter 4: Finale
  • Chapter 5: Idioms Change in Meaning
  • Chapter 6: A Troublesome Present
  • Chapter 7: The State of Various Countries
  • Epilogue 1: Family
  • Cast of Characters Arc 1: Children and Their Guardians
  • Cast of Characters Arc 2: Genia and Merula, Unveiling the Deepening Mysteries
  • Cast of Characters Arc 3: The Drill Princess of the Empire
  • Cast of Characters Arc 4: The Young Master's Awakening, the Girls' Determination
  • Cast of Characters Arc 5: The Shining Dragon
  • Epilogue 2: Welcome Home
10 June 25, 2019[54]978-4-86554-511-1October 19, 2019 (digital)[55]
February 16, 2021 (print)[56]
  • Prologue: The Countdown to Marriage
  • Chapter 1: The Red Oni is Blue
  • Chapter 2: Ginger Wipes it All Away
  • Chapter 3: Falling
  • Chapter 4: Heart Piercing
  • Chapter 5: The Black Tiger's Delivery
  • Chapter 6: A Wedding Present that was Worth a Fortune
  • Chapter 7: Time to Face One Another
  • Chapter 8: Before the Ceremony
  • Final Chapter: The Wedding Ceremony
  • Bonus Story: The Happiest Queen of All
11 October 24, 2019[57]978-4-86554-561-6April 26, 2020 (digital)[58]
April 6, 2021 (print)[59]
  • Prologue: The Night Before New Days
  • Chapter 1: Let's Go To School
  • Chapter 2: The East and West Real Song Battle
  • Chapter 2.5: An Unexpected Evolution and Possibility
  • Chapter 3: Symposium
  • Chapter 4: Exchange of Opinions
  • Chapter 5: March of the Bon Parade
  • Epilogue: Intentions
12 April 25, 2020[60]978-4-86554-646-0August 22, 2020 (digital)[61]
September 7, 2021 (print)[62]
  • Chapter 1: The Lion's Daughter
  • Chapter 2: Invitation
  • Chapter 3: Mercenary State Zem
  • Chapter 4: Mio
  • Chapter 5: The Great Martial Arts Tournament
  • Chapter 6: Crossing Swords
  • Chapter 7: First Meeting
  • Chapter 8: Direct Conference
  • Chapter 9: Before a Loyal Retainer's Grave
  • Chapter End: The Quiet Island, and the Tranquil Kingdom
  • Intermission 1: The Lioness Seeks Her Prey
  • Intermission 2: Research Girls' Party (The Plan to Improve Mechadra)
  • Prologue to the Next Chapter: Law of the Sea
  • Chapter 1: Uninvited Guests
13 September 25, 2020[63]978-4-86554-740-5March 6, 2021 (digital)[64]
December 28, 2021 (print)[65]
  • Prologue: Storm -enemy attack-
  • Chapter 1: Wrath -anger-
  • Chapter 2: Cause -unknown-
  • Chapter 3: Preparation -policy-
  • Chapter 4: Going Ahead -leading force-
  • Chapter 5: Encounter -enemy-
  • Chapter 6: Into Battle -fleet-
  • Chapter 7: Naval Battle -aircraft carrier-
  • Chapter 8: Meeting the Enemy -monster-
  • Chapter 9: Duel -total war-
  • Chapter 10: Mechanical Dragon -final battle-
  • Chapter 11: Big Pot -banquet-
  • Chapter 12: Negotiations -ocean league-
  • Epilogue: Return -I'm back-
  • Midword
  • After Story 1: Victorious Return -welcome back-
  • After Story 2: Waves -new chapter-
14 April 25, 2021[66]978-4-86554-891-4October 25, 2021 (digital)[67]
May 10, 2022 (print)[68]
  • Prologue: The Young Tiger Awakens
  • Chapter 1: The Wavering States
  • Chapter 2: Assassin and Ripples
  • Chapter 3: The Wavering Nations
  • Chapter 4: A Family Divided
  • Chapter 5: Battle of the Sebal Plains
  • Chapter 6: Turning Point of History
  • Chapter 7: Groundwork
  • Chapter 8: A Large Skirmish
  • Chapter 9: The Defectors Volunteer Their Services
  • Chapter 10: Those Who Were Reunited
  • Chapter 11: A Meeting and a Request
  • Chapter 12: The Lunarian Exodus
  • Chapter 13: Welcoming All Who Come, Chasing None Who Leave
  • Epilogue: The Great Tiger Kingdom of Haan
15 June 25, 2021[69]978-4-86554-937-9January 17, 2022 (digital)[70]
December 13, 2022 (print)[71]
  • Prologue: As One Country Rises
  • Chapter 1: The Kingdom's Baby Boom
  • Chapter 2: The Truth Overlapping Events Lead Us To
  • Chapter 3: Envoy
  • Chapter 4: The Battle of the Father Island
  • Chapter 5: The Spirit King's Curse
  • Chapter 6: For the Future We Must Protect
  • Chapter 7: In the Name of Mankind
  • Chapter 8: Investigation
  • Chapter 9: The Right Person for the Right Job
  • Chapter 10: The Balm Summit
  • Chapter 11: The End
  • Epilogue: His Name Is
  • Midword
  • After Story: One Summer Night
16 December 25, 2021[72]978-4-82400-065-1June 7, 2022 (digital)[73]
  • Prologue: Two Years After
  • Chapter 1: A Wedding and a Family Vacation
  • Chapter 2: Ambitions Resumed
  • Chapter 3: The Shaking Empire
  • Chapter 4: Flowers Working Behind the Scenes
  • Chapter 5: Crossed and Conflicting Intentions
  • Chapter 6: Collision
  • Chapter 7: Falling Flowers, Flowing Water
  • Chapter 8: The Maritime Alliance Gets Serious
  • Chapter 9: The Fruit of Two Years
  • Chapter 10: Shedding Tears
  • Chapter 11: Sisters
  • Chapter 12: Resolution
  • Epilogue: That is Her Way of Life
17 April 25, 2022[74]978-4-82400-162-7November 7, 2022 (digital)[75]


A manga adaptation of the series by Satoshi Ueda began serialization on Overlap's Comic Gardo website on July 10, 2017.[76] The series is also licensed in North America by J-Novel Club.[77]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 February 25, 2018[78]978-4-86554-321-6June 11, 2019 (digital)[79]
February 2, 2021 (print)[80]
  • Chapter 1: Prologue
  • Chapter 2: Fundraising
  • Chapter 3: Souma's Search for Personnel (1)
  • Chapter 4: Souma's Search for Personnel (2)
  • Chapter 5: Souma's Search for Personnel (3)
  • Chapter 6: Let's Create a Broadcast Program
  • Original Short Story: "Episode 0"
2 August 25, 2018[81]978-4-86554-391-9October 30, 2019 (digital)[82]
February 2, 2021 (print)[80]
  • Chapter 7: A Day Off in Parnam (1)
  • Chapter 8: A Day Off in Parnam (2)
  • Chapter 9: The Legendary Old Man
  • Chapter 10: Relief
  • Chapter 11: On Your Side
  • Original Short Story: The Setting Sun in Parnam
3 February 25, 2019[83]978-4-86554-458-9January 29, 2020 (digital)[84]
June 1, 2021 (print)[85]
  • Chapter 12: A Sign
  • Chapter 13: The Casts of Two Nations
  • Chapter 14: Ultimatum
  • Chapter 15: The Story of a Certain Group of Adventurers
  • Chapter 16: The Lord of Altomura
  • Original Short Story: The Place Where You Shine
4 October 25, 2019[86]978-4-86554-564-7July 1, 2020 (digital)[87]
June 1, 2021 (print)[85]
  • Chapter 17: The Battle Near Randel
  • Chapter 18: The Scheming Battle for Red Dragon City (1)
  • Chapter 19: The Scheming Battle for Red Dragon City (2)
  • Chapter 20: Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree
  • Chapter 21: Declaration of War (1)
  • Original Short Story: They Want to Soothe Him
5 April 25, 2020[88]978-4-86554-655-2October 14, 2020 (digital)[89]978-1-718341-08-1
  • Chapter 22: Declaration of War (2)
  • Chapter 23: The Final Battle (1)
  • Chapter 24: The Final Battle (2)
  • Chapter 25: The Final Battle (3)
  • Chapter 26: The Final Battle (4)
  • Original Short Story: A Story From the Battlefield
6 November 25, 2020[90]978-4-86554-794-8July 7, 2021 (digital)[91]978-1-718341-10-4
  • Chapter 27: The Final Battle (5)
  • Chapter 28: Prologue to the Post-war Period
  • Chapter 29: Project Lorelei (1)
  • Chapter 30: Project Lorelei (2)
  • Chapter 31: Meeting on a Street Corner in a Van (1)
  • Original Short Story: Which of Them is Really on Top?
7 June 25, 2021[92]978-4-86554-950-8January 5, 2022 (digital)[93]978-1-718341-12-8
  • Chapter 32: Meeting on a Street Corner in Van (2)
  • Chapter 33: Negotiations
  • Chapter 34: Pact (1)
  • Chapter 35: Pact (2)
  • Chapter 36: Withdrawal (1)
  • Chapter 37: Withdrawal (2)
  • Original Short Story: Those Who Get Jerked Around
8 December 25, 2021[94]978-4-82400-075-0June 15, 2022 (digital)[95]
  • Chapter 38: In Front of the Lion's Cage
  • Chapter 39: Promise
  • Chapter 40: Crime and Punishment (1)
  • Chapter 41: Crime and Punishment (2)
  • Chapter 42: Preparing for Innovation (1)
  • Original Short Story: The Secret of That Thing's Creation
9 August 25, 2022[96]978-4-82400-283-9


An anime television series adaptation was announced by Overlap on April 17, 2020.[97] The series was animated by J.C.Staff and directed by Takashi Watanabe, with Gō Zappa and Hiroshi Ōnogi penning the scripts, Mai Otsuka designing the characters, and Akiyuki Tateyama composing the series' music. The first half aired from July 4 to September 26, 2021, on Tokyo MX and BS11.[3][22][b] The first half ran for 13 episodes.[99] The second half aired from January 9 to April 3, 2022.[100][b] The first opening theme song, "Hello Horizon", was performed by Inori Minase, while the first ending theme song, "Kazanear", was performed by Aimi.[20] The second opening theme song is "Real-Eyes" by Inori Minase, while the second ending theme song is "Lights" by Aimi.[101]

Funimation licensed the series outside of Asia.[102] On July 30, 2021, Funimation announced the series would receive an English dub, which premiered the following day.[4] Following Sony's acquisition of Crunchyroll, the series was moved to Crunchyroll.[103] Mighty Media licensed the series in Southeast Asia and streamed it on iQIYI and Bilibili and also aired on Animax on March 9, 2022.[104][105][106]

Episode list[edit]

No.Title [107][c]Directed by [d]Written by [d]Storyboarded by [d]Original air date [109][b]
Part 1
1"First Begin with a Hero"
Transcription: "Mazu Yūsha Yori Hajimeyo" (Japanese: まず勇者より始めよ)
Shūji MiyazakiGō ZappaTakashi WatanabeJuly 4, 2021 (2021-07-04)
In an alternate world, King Albert of Elfrieden and Prime Minister Marx decide to summon a hero to face a dire threat. Kazuya Souma, a young man training to be a civil servant, finds himself summoned as their hero. Albert and Marx explain demons appeared 10 years ago and took over the northern kingdoms. The remaining kingdoms keep them invading, but maintaining armies is expensive, so Kazuya was summoned by the bankrupt Elfrieden Kingdom to trade to the Gran-Chaos Kingdom instead of gold. Kazuya convinces Albert to keep him as he was training to be a civil servant. For three days, Kazuya learns everything he can about Elfreiden's economy. On the fourth day, Albert announces he is abdicating the throne to a shocked Kazuya, who will also marry his daughter, Liscia. Liscia is convinced Kazuya stole the kingdom, but is surprised to find he has already found the money for Gran-Chaos by trading Elfrieden jewelry to the neighboring Amidonia Principality. Liscia realizes his other plans are also well thought out. Elsewhere, Duchess Excel of Walter sends her granddaughter Canaria to spy on Kazuya and decide if he is as capable as he appears.
2"If You Possess an Aptitude, We'll Make Use of It"
Transcription: "Tada Sai Araba Mochiiru" (Japanese: ただ才あらば用いる)
Shigeki AwaiGō ZappaKōichi TakadaJuly 11, 2021 (2021-07-11)
Marx puts Kazuya through an aptitude test to see if he can use magic. Kazuya discovers his magic can copy his consciousness into objects which then behave as if they are him, so he enchants pens to do his paperwork. He also puts assistants to work identifying overspending and fraud in the kingdom's budget. Kazuya then invites Liscia to Elfrieden's farms where he explains too much farmland is growing cotton, which is now worthless due to supply exceeding demand. While Liscia is impressed with his insight, she seems concerned Kazuya still talks about one day abdicating and returning to Japan. Kazuya later meets Captain Ludwin of the Royal Guard and explains Albert's advisors are not of much use as they caused Elfrieden's problems in the first place, so he needs new advisors. Kazuya magically transmits a message to the entire kingdom, based on the teachings of his hero, Cao Cao, that if anyone has an exceptionally useful skill he will hire them regardless of age, social background or level of education. This inspires the whole kingdom and hundreds of people begin flocking to the city to audition their skills.
3"Let Not Me Be a Loyal Minister"
Transcription: "Shin o Shite Chūshin Tara Shimu Koto Nakare" (Japanese: 臣をして忠臣たらしむことなかれ)
Akira TanakaGō ZappaKōhei HatanoJuly 18, 2021 (2021-07-18)
Liscia wonders if Kazuya would remain king if she agreed to marry him. As people begin auditioning their skills, Kazuya meets five deemed the greatest. Aisha Udgard, a dark elf with exceptional military abilities, swears fealty after receiving Kazuya's knowledge on saving the dying trees of the God-Protected-Forest. Juna Doma, a human singer with Lorelei ancestry, sings a Japanese song from Kazuya's phone, lifting the entire kingdom's spirits. Poncho Panacotta, a nervous human glutton, is noted for having sampled every cuisine. Kazuya is excited to meet him as he plans to use his knowledge to save the kingdom and grants him the title Ishizuka. Seeing their king honor a man previously seen as useless, many others are inspired to audition. Hakuya Kwonmin, a human with unrivaled knowledge and memory, asks to be Kazuya's advisor after he deems Kazuya a good king based on how he treated Poncho. Lastly, Tomoe Inui, a Mystic-Wolf girl and homeless refugee, reveals she can talk to animals. As she is so nervous, Kazuya leaves his throne and kneels in front of her where she whispers something important in his ear.
4"The Forefinger Twitches"
Transcription: "Shokushi, Ugoku" (Japanese: 食指、動く)
Takeshi Tomita
Yūki Morita
Gō ZappaTakashi WatanabeJuly 25, 2021 (2021-07-25)
Kazuya reveals to Marx, Liscia, and Ludwin that Tomoe's skill lets her speak to demons. A major barrier in the war is that no one can understand demon language, but with Tomoe there exists the hope of negotiations leading to peace. Kazuya is concerned if news of Tomoe's power leaks it could lead to war with other kingdoms who may want her power for themselves. Marx suggests Kazuya adopt Tomoe, but he cannot do that unless he is married. When Liscia suggests letting her parents adopt Tomoe as well as bringing Tomoe's mother and brother to live at the palace, Tomoe accepts. Liscia later becomes annoyed when Kazuya claims the only place he can be left alone to relax is her bedroom. Poncho returns from a food gathering mission and Kazuya immediately broadcasts to the entire kingdom a rudimentary cookery program demonstrating unfamiliar foods from other nations they can survive on until he solves the food shortage, such as octopus, burdock root, and giant locusts. Kazuya also happily discovers salted beans and fermented mashwater taste identical to miso and soy sauce. Poncho reveals the final food item, which causes quite a stir.
5"Well Fed, Well Regarded"
Transcription: "Ishoku Tatte, Eijoku o Shiru" (Japanese: 衣食足って、栄辱を知る)
Yūsuke OnodaGō ZappaHitoyuki MatsuiAugust 1, 2021 (2021-08-01)
The item is a creature called a gelin, which if prepared properly, creates a dish similar to kudzu noodles. Marx announces he is retiring as prime minister and suggests Hakuya as his replacement. Kazuya agrees and gives Marx a less stressful job, hoping to use his experience to navigate kingdom politics. Hakuya insists Kazuya take the afternoon off to relax and at the same time take Liscia on a date with Aisha as their bodyguard. Aisha reminds Kazuya to visit her forest soon as some elves are refusing to cut down any trees even if it makes the forest healthier. Kazuya, Liscia, and Aisha disguise themselves in military academy uniforms and decide to eat at the café where Juna works. While eating, it becomes apparent Aisha has a secret gluttonous side that almost rivals Poncho. Kazuya learns that polygamy is legal and socially acceptable and is surprised when Liscia claims she would be willing to let Kazuya have up to eight wives, including herself, ensuring she got him to herself at least one day a week. While considering the implications of this, Kazuya overhears a young lady arguing with a man at the next table.
6"The Wise Man Never Forsaketh an Advantage"
Transcription: "Chisha wa Toki ni Somuite Ri o Sutezu" (Japanese: 智者は時にそむいて利を捨てず)
Naoki HoriuchiGō ZappaTakaaki IshiyamaAugust 8, 2021 (2021-08-08)
Kazuya narrates that because Elfrieden royalty are humans, the generals of the army, navy and air force are from non-human species to ensure equality, but the generals are currently ignoring Kazuya. In Juna's café, the lady, a Mystic Fox named Kaede Foxia, argues with her friend Halbert Magna, who is considering supporting the Carmine Duchy against Kazuya. Kaede has correctly guessed Kazuya's intentions for trying to better the kingdom. Kazuya reveals himself and points out that, as a mage for Elfrieden's army, Kaede would have to fight if Duke Carmine starts a civil war, meaning she might die and there is a slim chance Halbert might have to face her in battle. Realizing Kazuya is wiser than he thought, Halbert sides with Kazuya. Liscia is impressed Kazuya noticed Halbert's feelings for Kaede, but is concerned he still talks about abdicating and marrying for love instead of politics. Glaive, Halbert's father, asks Kazuya's forgiveness for his son. Kazuya instead has Kaede promoted to staff officer in his Royal Guard and transfers Halbert to the same unit to be Kaede's subordinate. In gratitude, Glaive asks for a private meeting to give Kazuya important information.
7"Thus Saith the Elder"
Transcription: "Korō, Iwaku" (Japanese: 古老、曰く)
Akira TanakaGō ZappaTsuneo TominagaAugust 15, 2021 (2021-08-15)
Magic comprises six disciplines: the four elements plus light and darkness. Fire mages join the army, wind the air force, water the navy, and Earth the Forbidden Army. While light become medics, dark abilities are varied. Kazuya uses his magic to possess a doll called Little Musashibo. Little Musashibo joins adventurers mapping tunnels beneath the city. They encounter a salamander that forces them to flee, with Little Musashibo saving one adventurer, Yuno, who develops a crush on him. Thanks to Kazuya's secretaries, he secures the funds for Project Venetinova, the building of a new port on Elfrieden's coast, and hundreds of new roads. Kazuya visits Venetinova but learns construction was halted by a village elder named Urup, claiming the land belongs to Kaijin, God of the Sea, and is guarded by a sea monster. After speaking to Urup, Kazuya determines the monster is actually a legend warning that the land is dangerous to build on and deduces that a tsunami strikes that land every few hundred years, so he relocates Venetinova and has earth mages construct giant flood defenses, impressing Liscia that he is ensuring the kingdom's safety potentially thousands of years in the future.
8"The Forest in Labour"
Transcription: "Mori, Meidō su" (Japanese: 森、鳴動す)
Shigeru FukaseGō ZappaKunihisa SugishimaAugust 22, 2021 (2021-08-22)
Kazuya considers how Elfrieden technology is different from Japan. As Elfrieden is short of laborers, Kazuya has fifty soldiers from his Forbidden Army, including Kaede and Halbert, construct the road network. Kazuya inspects the road, revealing it improves transportation but also ensures wildlife is not negatively affected. Aisha receives word from her father, Chief Wodan, that a landslide in the God-Protected Forest buried half their village. Kazuya mobilizes the fifty soldiers, while also sending Liscia to gather reinforcements. As the forest is two days away by foot, Kazuya has his men travel much faster on wagons pulled by earth dragons. Kazuya and the men begin disaster rescue and, with prototype wooden mice controlled by his magic, locates all the missing dark elves whether alive or dead. Liscia arrives with the reinforcements to begin medical treatments, clean up the landslide and begin rebuilding the village. Wodan's brother, Robthor, is devastated as his wife is dead and his daughter seriously injured. Aisha reveals Robthor was one of the main opponents of Kazuya's suggestion of thinning overpopulated trees, which could have prevented the landslide. Liscia is surprised when Kazuya blames himself for not ensuring sufficient disaster preparedness for the whole kingdom.
9"Contrary to Wishes"
Transcription: "Tateyoko, Narazu" (Japanese: 縦横、成らず)
Shigeki AwaiHiroshi ŌnogiYoshiaki IwasakiAugust 29, 2021 (2021-08-29)
Kazuya is having trouble sleeping from stress so Juna begins singing him to sleep. Air Force General Castor Vargas wants to rebel against Kazuya with the support of the Amidonia Principality, but Navy General Excel Walters is reluctant. Army General Georg Carmine despises Kazuya for removing men of authority in the name of efficiency. In Amidonia, King Gaius reveals he ultimately plans to betray both sides. Kazuya declares the food shortages over and must move on to a plan he considers cruel but necessary for Elfrieden's security. Gaius ignores his minister Colbert's warnings that his plan violates the ban on inter-kingdom conflict. Colbert is fired so Gaius' daughter, Roroa, involves Colbert in her plan instead. Kazuya meets the generals and warns either they submit to his rule or become traitors. Excel is satisfied to hear he will take no revenge and will keep Lagoon City as Elfrieden's naval base so she submits. Castor refuses to accept Kazuya as king and becomes a traitor alongside Georg. Liscia cuts her hair, which to a lion-man like Georg is a vow of absolute resolve. Kazuya thanks Juna for arranging peace with her grandmother, Excel, prior to the meeting.
10"No Place of Joy Hath a Soldier"
Transcription: "Hei wa Tanoshimu Tokoro ni Arazarunari" (Japanese: 兵は楽しむ所に非ざるなり)
Akira Tanaka
Shigeki Awai
Hiroshi ŌnogiKiyotaka ŌhataSeptember 5, 2021 (2021-09-05)
Amidonia begins their invasion, planning to occupy Elfrieden's southernmost city, Altomura. Altomura's Lord, Weist Garreau, surrenders to Gaius in exchange for time to convince his soldiers loyal to Kazuya to surrender. Halbert and Kaede lead the Forbidden Army, Kazuya's royal guard and the elves against Carmine's army and defeat them. Carmine is berated by the corrupt nobles he sheltered, but he in turn berates their lack of battlefield experience and hatches his own plan in secret. It is revealed Weist is loyal to Kazuya and is taking orders from Excel, who was in Altomura the entire time, to delay Gaius as long as possible. Castor sends his air force against the Forbidden Army and is surprise when Kazuya sends his largest battleship, Albert, straight to his fortress. Castor sends his daughter Carla to destroy the ship and capture Kazuya. Carla regrets she could not convince her father to side with Kazuya. She destroys its wheels but finds no crew or Kazuya, only a wooden hand. She realizes Kazuya was controlling Albert himself entirely by magic to draw out the remaining air force, allowing Kazuya and his army to attack Castor in his fortress without any defenses.
11"Sacrifice the Plum Tree to Preserve the Peach Tree"
Transcription: "Ridai Tōkyō" (Japanese: 李代桃僵)
Akira Tanaka
Hiroyuki Okuno
Hiroshi ŌnogiTakashi Watanabe
Hitoyuki Matsui
September 12, 2021 (2021-09-12)
Castor is defeated by Aisha, Liscia, and Little Musashibo. Castor accepts his defeat and he and Carla are fitted with slave collars. Castor's subordinate Tolman is given command of the air force and ordered to support the Forbidden Army. Carla is surprised Kazuya allows people he considers friends, like Halbert and Kaede, to speak to him casually. Carmine declares to the corrupt nobles they have lost and when they suggest using citizens as human shields, he has them arrested and both them and himself fitted with slave collars. Kazuya reveals Carmine was never a traitor; he was loyal to Kazuya the whole time but posed as a traitor to expose the hidden treason of the corrupt nobles, allowing Kazuya to remove them for good. This had been the important information Glaive gave during their private meeting. Excel reveals herself to Gaius, who realizes he has been tricked. Kazuya broadcasts to the kingdom his defeat of Carmine and Castor and intention to invade Amidonia. Gaius attempts to return to Amidonia, but loses half his army to Forbidden Army ambushes along the way, and by the time he makes it back to Van, Amidonia's royal capital, Kazuya has already captured it.
12"When You Surround an Army, Leave an Outlet Free"
Transcription: "Ishi ni wa Kanarazu Hiraku" (Japanese: 囲師には必ず闕く)
Yūsuke OnodaHiroshi ŌnogiKunihisa SugishimaSeptember 19, 2021 (2021-09-19)
Gaius orders his army to attack. Kazuya is troubled over declaring war so easily and concludes he must actually act like a king. Gaius orders his son Julius to retreat. He then enters the battle to kill Kazuya. Kazuya attempts to give a verbal last will and testament to Carla naming Liscia Queen if he dies, but Carla refuses and insists on killing Gaius for him. Carla is overwhelmed by Gaius until he is distracted by Kazuya's arrival, allowing Little Musashibo to grab Gaius and explode. Gaius survives long enough to contemptuously throw his sword at Kazuya's feet before being shot by Kazuya's archers. Roroa receives word of her father's death and, despite her dislike of him, begins to cry. Knowing he cannot legally claim Amidonia due to the ban on inter-kingdom war and that Amidonia's citizens are bitter against Elfrieden, Kazuya instead sells their stockpiles of weaponry for rebuilding funds and orders food supplied from Elfrieden to combat Amidonia's food shortages. He also broadcasts a musical program hosted by Aisha and Juna, including Margarita Wonder, Amidonia's most popular General, singing their national anthem to prove he has no ill will against Amidonia now or in the future.
13"To Fight and Conquer in All Our Battles Is Not Supreme Excellence"
Transcription: "Hyakusen Hyakushō wa Zen no Zen Naru Mono ni Arazu" (Japanese: 百戦百勝は善の善なる者に非ず)
Naoki HoriuchiHiroshi ŌnogiTakashi WatanabeSeptember 26, 2021 (2021-09-26)
Maria Euphoria, the idealistic leader of the Gran Chaos Empire who created the ban on inter-kingdom war, sends her sister Jeanne to meet Kazuya. Kazuya is exhausted as ever since ending Gaius oppressive military dictatorship, Amidonia's citizens are constantly celebrating. Poncho discovers a lily with edible roots similar to potatoes that could solve Amidonia's food shortages. Due to toxic pollen, the lilies can only be harvested by orangutans, so Kazuya arranges for Tomoe to negotiate with them. He then takes her and Juna shopping. Sometime later, Jeanne appears and confronts Kazuya, revealing she has been watching him and is happy that while he is both wise and just, the rumors of his lechery by gathering a harem of famous women are false as he has proven to be both humble and amusing. She also apologizes as it was partially the Empire's fault Elfrieden summoned him from Japan to settle its debts, but Kazuya understands that for Elfrieden, it was political necessity and he bears no grudge. Unfortunately, Jeanne explains his invasion was still illegal and he will have to answer to Maria. Kazuya returns home with Tomoe and Juna and gives gifts to Aisha and Liscia.
Part 2
14"Amidonia in a Lion's Skin"
Transcription: "Tora no I o Karu Amidonia" (Japanese: 虎の威を借るアミドニア)
Shigeki AwaiHiroshi ŌnogiHitoyuki MatsuiJanuary 9, 2022 (2022-01-09)
During the evening, Albert and Elisha have a conversation about Albert's decision to abdicate the throne. The next day, Kazuya, Liscia, and Aisha are training in Van Castle when Kazuya is informed Hakuya and Ludwin want to see him about the redevelopment of Van and the status of the transportation network, respectively. Afterwards, Kazuya has a meeting with Jeanne and Julius where Julius demands the return of Van. However, Kazuya counters by revealing evidence of how the Principality of Amidonia have violated the Mankind Declaration. Once Julius leaves the room, Kazuya and Jeanne agree to start negotiating in a different location.
15"Becoming Good Friends Who Never Offend"
Transcription: "Bakugyaku no Tomo to Naru" (Japanese: 莫逆の友と為る)
Yuki KanazawaHiroshi ŌnogiKunihisa SugishimaJanuary 16, 2022 (2022-01-16)
Once the negotiation is relocated into a different room, Jeanne reveals how the Gran Chaos Empire took punitive action against the Demon Lord's Domain ten years ago. She also reveals how they believe demons have ate monsters. Upon hearing this, Kazuya shockingly admits that he cannot tell the difference between beastmen and demons, and he explains his mindset concerning the issue. The negotiation continues into the night where Kazuya states that he is willing to return Van to the Principality of Amidonia if they pay reparations. He then proposes a secret bilateral alliance with the Gran Chaos Empire. Afterwards, Kazuya declines Jeanne's offer to rule the Gran Chaos Empire with Maria. When they call it a day, Jeanne reveals the Demon Lord's name might be "Divalroi", which leads an exhausted Kazuya to believe he has heard this somewhere before. He is then pampered by Liscia.
16"Tyranny Is More Terrible than Tigers"
Transcription: "Kasei wa Tora yori mo Takeshi" (Japanese: 苛政は寅よりも猛し)
Nozomu KamiyaHiroshi ŌnogiShinji ItadakiJanuary 23, 2022 (2022-01-23)
Julius is furious at having to pay reparations but is forced to agree. As collateral, Kazuya demands Amidonia's only broadcast gemstone to prevent its use as a military resource, along with the books from Amidonia's royal library. Kazuya also demands a ransom for captured Amidonian nobles, excluding those guilty of war crimes and General Margerita Wonder, whom he keeps. Fearing Julius will repeat the mistakes of his father, Kazuya tries to impress upon Julius that if he becomes a military dictator, he will lose his kingdom again when his own people rise against him. This is confirmed when the Amidonian people are visibly upset at Kazuya's departure, fearing Julius will take away the freedom Kazuya gave them. Jeanne returns to Maria who, hearing Kazuya's offer of a secret alliance with the Empire, cannot wait to meet him in person. She begins to believe Kazuya is a hero not meant to defeat the Demon Lord but to lead a complete revolution of society. Disguised as Little Musashibo, Kazuya attends a celebration of their victory with the adventurers and accidentally becomes drunk. Liscia meets Yuno and teases Kazuya over how pretty she is.
17"A Warrior Will Die for One Who Understands Him"
Transcription: "Shi wa Onore o Shiru Mono no Tame ni Shisu" (Japanese: 士は己を知る者の為に死す)
Kōhei Hatano
Kōzō Kaihō
Hiroshi ŌnogiShinji ItadakiJanuary 30, 2022 (2022-01-30)
Kazuya visits Georg in the dungeon. There, Kazuya explains what happened to the soldiers and corrupt nobility who joined the rebellion. When Georg reveals he knew from the outset that his plan would ultimately result in his execution, Kazuya angrily wonders why he is so willing to become a martyr. However, Georg refuses to answer. Kazuya then hands him a bottle of poisoned wine. Elsewhere, Hakuya and Jeanne have a conversation concerning the bilateral alliance, while Roroa complains to Colbert about how bored she is. At a ceremony, Kazuya awards Glaive the city of Randel, its surrounding territory, and a portion of Georg's authority. Aisha is up next and she is assigned the rank of Kazuya's Personal Guardian. During Wodan's turn, he asks Kazuya to marry Aisha, which Kazuya accepts once Liscia gives her blessing. Finally, Juna attempts to make a request concerning Castor and Carla, but Excel stops her. As such, Juna instead asks Kazuya to marry her as well. However, he decides to wait until the kingdom has more singers, which Juna accepts. Meanwhile, a council plans to control the kingdom from behind the scenes.
18"Seeing Snake Shadows in Every Cup"
Transcription: "Haichū no Daei" (Japanese: 杯中の蛇影)
Shigeki AwaiHiroshi ŌnogiKunihisa SugishimaFebruary 6, 2022 (2022-02-06)
Liscia visits Carla in the dungeon and she reveals how she truly feels about the current situation. Carla then rejects Liscia's intercession. Sometime later, Castor and Carla's trial proceeds in front of Kazuya and a council of noblemen. During the trial, two noblemen, Piltory Saracen and Owen Jabana, speak out for the defendants, while the rest of the council wants them to be executed. As such, the latter noblemen are killed by Kazuya's personal intelligence unit, the Black Cats. Castor soon receives his sentence: he is remanded over to Excel, is forbidden entry into the former Duchy of Vargas, and is not allowed to have contact with his son and wife. Once he is escorted out of the room, Carla is sentenced to become Kazuya and Liscia's slave. Kazuya then asks her to kill him if he ever becomes a tyrant. Following the trial, an exhausted Kazuya heads to his room. Liscia and Aisha later decide to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Roroa has a meeting with Colbert and Sebastian.
19"Strike While the Iron Is Hot"
Transcription: "Kika Okubeshi" (Japanese: 奇貨おくべし)
Kazunobu ShimizuHiroshi ŌnogiShinji ItadakiFebruary 13, 2022 (2022-02-13)
Ludwin reports a childhood friend, Genia Maxwell, has done something terrible and takes Kazuya and Liscia to an abandoned dungeon to meet her. As the dungeon no longer spawns monsters, the Maxwell family turned it into one giant research laboratory. Genia reveals she is a self-proclaimed Over-Scientist, researching a power other than magic, such as the broadcast gemstones, which are actually the dead hearts of dungeons. Without them, dungeons cannot spawn monsters and become abandoned like her laboratory. It is her dream to examine a gemstone while it is alive and functioning. She also reveals she has discovered a method of storing magic in the formerly useless and dangerous mineral Curse Ore, which the Elfrieden Kingdom has vast amounts of. Kazuya realizes she has essentially created a rechargeable magical battery that could not only lead to an Industrial Revolution, but also a war with their jealous neighboring kingdoms. To keep Genia tied to Elfrieden, Kazuya and Liscia ask if Genia would mind marrying Ludwin, which after some embarrassment, they both agree to. Now engaged, Ludwin remembers he sought Kazuya and Liscia because Genia has caused a scandal by stealing dragon bones.
20"Aping the Frown of Beauty"
Transcription: "Seishi no Hisomi ni Narau" (Japanese: ⻄施のひそみにならう)
Yuki KanazawaHiroshi ŌnogiHitoyuki MatsuiFebruary 20, 2022 (2022-02-20)
Genia took the bones from an excavation site to construct Mechadra, a mechanical dragon. Fearing it could cause an international incident with the Star Dragon Mountain Range, Kazuya decides to contact them with an apology. He also gives Genia a new lab so he can keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Julius faces resentment from his people after trying to turn Amidonia back into a dictatorship. Back at the palace, Carla becomes a chambermaid. When the people of Amidonia publicly declare loyalty to Elfrieden, Julius is forced to flee to the Empire. Based on how sudden and successful the rebellion was, Kazuya and Hakuya suspect it was organized by one person. Without a leader, Amidonia is invaded by two neighboring kingdoms, the Lunarian Orthodox Papal State and the Republic of Turgis, thus Amidonia's nobles officially request Amidonia become part of the Elfrieden Kingdom. Despite the considerable disadvantages, Kazuya agrees and puts Colbert, Amidonia's former finance minister, in charge of rebuilding Amidonia. Roroa, Julius' younger sister, smuggles herself into Kazuya's court in a carpet, but Kazuya discovers her due to knowing the legend of how Cleopatra met Caesar. Impressed, Roroa announces her intention to marry Kazuya.
21"Using Shrimp As Bait to Catch Sea Bream, but Instead Catching a Shark"
Transcription: "Ebi de Tai o Tsurō to Shitara Same ga Kakatta" (Japanese: 蝦で鯛を釣ろうとしたら鮫が掛かった)
Shigeki AwaiHiroshi ŌnogiIku SuzukiFebruary 27, 2022 (2022-02-27)
Roroa demonstrates her knowledge of Kazuya's political and personal life and admits she organized the rebellion that overthrew Julius. She also points out the dangers posed by the Lunarian Orthodox Papal State. Impressed, and with the agreement of all his fiancées, Kazuya agrees to marry Roroa and let her run her merchants network. Amidonia is then absorbed by Elfrieden and renamed the Kingdom of Friedonia. Via a magic mirror, Kazuya meets Maria. Despite her personal feelings on the matter, she is forced to object to his ruling of Amidonia due to it violating the Mankind Declaration. However, when Kazuya points out the paradox that is associated with the declaration, Maria decides Kazuya can keep Amidonia. They also agree on the danger of the church, whose religious believers reside in all kingdoms and can cause untold chaos without ever breaking the declaration, especially if they take advantage of the war with the demons. The next morning, Liscia and Aisha are furious when they see Roroa in Kazuya's bed, leading to an awkward conversation about Kazuya delaying having children with Liscia.
22"A Man without Learning Is Unwise; A Man without Wisdom Is a Fool"
Transcription: "Hito Manabazareba Tomo Nashi, Tomo Nakisha wa Gujin Nari" (Japanese: 人学ばざれば智なし、智なき者は愚人なり)
Mizuki SasakiHiroshi ŌnogiShinji ItadakiMarch 6, 2022 (2022-03-06)
Kazuya needs more employees. Unfortunately, literacy rates are not high among the people. It is then explained that slavery is legal. Meanwhile, Ginger Camus' grandfather dies and leaves Ginger his slave trade. After speaking with his slaves, especially raccoon girl San, he promises to only sell them to kind owners. San is confused when Ginger starts teaching the slaves how to read and count. Kazuya suddenly declares nobles will be promoted or demoted based on how well they manage their lands, leading to demand for employees who can read and count. Ginger quickly sells all his slaves on the agreement they be freed and hired as employees. Ginger is later visited by Kazuya, who offers to buy San. However, having become smitten with San, Ginger refuses to sell her. Having seen that Ginger's kind reputation is true, Kazuya reveals himself and explains he plans to reform the slavery system in a manner that would avoid a civil war, the result being slaves would all become paid employees and receive education at a training center. As such, Ginger happily accepts Kazuya's offer to become director of the center, which he would own as a private business with San.
23"Gargling and Hand Washing Are the Basis of Disease Prevention"
Transcription: "Ugai Tearai wa Bōeki no Kihon" (Japanese: うがい手洗いは防疫の基本)
Takaaki IshiyamaHiroshi ŌnogiTakaaki IshiyamaMarch 13, 2022 (2022-03-13)
Kazuya decides to tour the city with Liscia, Carla, and Owen and shows where he had the slums rebuilt. Due to the existence of healing magic, medicines are primitive and hygiene is not well understood. Kazuya hopes to educate the citizens about germs and has contacted a three-eyed species whose third eye can actually see germs. Their advanced medicinal practices even include antibiotics, which Kazuya names "Three-eyedine". Since it is extracted from a sub-species of Gelin called a Gelmedic, Tomoe has provided assistance. The group runs into three-eyed doctor Hilde Norg, who has been helping Kazuya at Ginger's training center by providing lessons on hygiene. Kazuya has also introduced free school lunches for children and hopes to expand the center to include advanced subjects. When Ginger expresses concern about illiterate adults being reluctant to attend, Kazuya promises to convince them. While visiting the refugee camp outside city walls, illegal slavers attempt to kidnap children, thinking the kingdom will not care. Kazuya is then forced to fight for the first time. Before he can be exposed as the king, Kazuya gives credit for the arrests to Yuno and her party. Kazuya then decides to meet the refugee chief.
24"Away from My Hometown for So Many Years"
Transcription: "Kakyō ni Ribetsu Shite Saigetsu Ōshi" (Japanese: 家郷に離別して歳月多し)
Shigeki AwaiHiroshi ŌnogiHitoyuki MatsuiMarch 20, 2022 (2022-03-20)
Chief Jirukoma, his sister Komain and most refugees wish to return to their homes, but since this might never be possible, Kazuya is forced to give them two options: become citizens of Friedonia or leave. Jirukoma requests land for his people to work as farmers, but Kazuya declines. Instead, he offers to move them into Venetinova and help finish its construction. Brad, Hilde's assistant, arrives with news of a mother who is struggling to give birth and he needs assistance cutting her open to save them. Realizing the baby will be born without a country to call home, Jirukoma accepts Kazuya's offer of Venetinova. He then makes Komain the new chief, deciding that any refugees who refuse citizenship will join the army with him and fight to get their country back. Once the birth is successful, Carla calls out Kazuya for acting nonchalant about the situation given the country's lack of surgical skill compared to Japan, which he apologizes. At the mother's request, Kazuya becomes the boy's godfather and names him Fuku. Given the happy atmosphere, Liscia asks Kazuya if he wants to have his own child that very night, but he still insists on waiting.
25"Know Your Enemy and Know Yourself, and Your Union Shall Not Be Endangered"
Transcription: "Aite o Shiri, Onore o Shireba Fūfunaka mo Ayaukarazu" (Japanese: 相手を知り、己を知れば夫婦仲も危うからず)
Naoki HoriuchiHiroshi ŌnogiShinji ItadakiMarch 27, 2022 (2022-03-27)
Excel gives Kazuya's fiancées bridal lessons on the skills required to maintain their individual relationships with Kazuya and cooperate as joint queens. She also reveals she hypnotized Kazuya and used the information to create a manual that reveals the individual reasons he loves the girls. Concerning Liscia, he did not give an answer, as even under hypnosis he was determined to only confess his feelings to her in person. For enduring the lecture, Excel rewards the girls with personalized books of what Kazuya wants to do to them sexually. Elsewhere, Maria decides to adopt Kazuya's new approach to slavery. In Venetinova, the refugees, who traditionally are hunter-gatherers, struggle adapting to typical employment. Back at the palace, after Poncho successfully recreates yakisoba sauce from Kazuya's specifications, Kazuya decides to use it as the basis for turning Venetinova into a seafood cuisine hotspot, creating jobs for the refugees and attracting customers from every nation. That night, Liscia is tempted to use her book to successfully seduce Kazuya, but passes on the opportunity. Carla then informs them that Albert has requested a private meeting with Kazuya, which Kazuya had been expecting for some time.
26"Ahead, I See No Ancestors; Behind, I Find No Followers"
Transcription: "Mae ni Kojin o Mizu, Nochi ni Raisha o Mizu" (Japanese: 前に古人を見ず、後に来者を見ず)
Shigeru FukaseHiroshi ŌnogiTakashi WatanabeApril 3, 2022 (2022-04-03)
During the meeting with Albert and Elisha, Kazuya asks why they trusted him so quickly after summoning him. Albert describes an alternate timeline where he appointed Kazuya Prime Minister. Because of this, the nobles who would become Kazuya's enemies succeeded in having him banished. Then once the war with Amidonia broke out, Kazuya, Liscia, and Georg would be killed and Elfrieden destroyed. Elisha revealed to Albert she had the ability to send memories to her past self. As such, she sent Albert's memories of failure to his younger self, convincing him to make Kazuya king and ensure Elfrieden's survival. Having explained everything, Albert apologizes for the mistakes of his alternate self and announces he and Elisha will retire into anonymity. Liscia is curious about the meeting but accepts Kazuya cannot tell her what was discussed. As they watch the New Year's fireworks, Kazuya confesses his love to Liscia and officially asks her to marry him as they share a kiss. Introducing the concept of New Year's resolutions, Kazuya gives resolutions to Hakuya, Poncho, Roroa, Juna, Tomoe, Aisha, and Liscia to support him as he takes the kingdom into the future.


Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network described the first novel as "feel[ing] a little bit like a thoughtful isekai", and wrote: "It's a bit too fond of info-dumps and has some narrative issues with voice, but generally speaking, if you've ever wanted to see the summoned hero do more than fight the bad guys and win the ladies, this is the book you've been waiting for."[110]


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