How do you like them apples

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"How do you like them apples?" is a phrase used to gloat or to express bemusement or vexation.[1] In all senses, this phrase acts as a rhetorical question.


The phrase is thought to have originated in World War I, with the "Toffee Apple" trench mortar used by British troops.[citation needed]

Use in popular culture[edit]

  • In the John Wayne film Rio Bravo, a character throws a stick of dynamite at the enemy, saying the line.
  • In the 1970 film MASH, said during the football game.
  • In the film Chinatown, said by Jack Nicholson's character.
  • Used in a scene from the film From Dusk Till Dawn, said by the character Seth Gecko to his brother Richie Gecko.
  • Used in a scene from Good Will Hunting, where Will taunts a Harvard graduate student after he insults him and his friends.
  • In the film Gangs of New York, said by Butcher to Amsterdam.
  • In the television series The Sopranos S05E01, said by Tony Soprano.
  • In the film Elf (2003), stated by Santa as he points out to Michael on the Naughty and Nice list specific details of the skateboard Michael is hoping to receive from Santa for Christmas.
  • In the television series South Park S19E09, said by Caitlyn Jenner to Randy Marsh while he beats him up.