How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer

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How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
How the Garcia.jpg
America Ferrera as Blanca Garcia
Directed by Georgina Riedel
Written by Georgina Riedel
Starring America Ferrera
Elizabeth Peña
Lucy Gallardo
Cinematography Tobias Datum
Edited by Sean Robert Olson
Distributed by Maya Entertainment
Release date
  • January 25, 2005 (2005-01-25)
Running time
128 minutes
Country United States
Language English

How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer is a 2005 American comedy film starring America Ferrera. It was not released on DVD until May 16, 2008. The film won the Silver George for the Best Film of the Perspective competition at the 27th Moscow International Film Festival.[1]

The plot concerns three generations of Garcia women in a sleepy Arizona town who experience a sexual awakening during the course of a summer. America Ferrera is the teenage Blanca Garcia, Elizabeth Peña is Blanca's mother and Lucy Gallardo is her grandmother.

At the beginning of the film, Doña Genoveva (Lucy Gallardo), the matriarch of the family, decides to buy a car but doesn't know how to drive. A man named Don Pedro offers to teach her, and the relationship gradually turns from platonic to romantic. Meanwhile, Doña Genoveva's daughter, Lolita, is torn between her co-worker at the butcher shop where she works and Victor, a married man who frequently makes passes at women around town. Seventeen-year-old Blanca falls for the new guy in town and learns about the joy and pain an intimate relationship can bring.

Throughout the story, the women struggle to sort out their sexual feelings while trying not to further damage their sometimes-strained family relationship. Most of the dialogue is in English, with occasional humorous digressions of old men sitting around talking in Spanish about their past experiences with cars and women.


Others in alphabetical order
  • Eliana Alexander as Nora
  • Victor Wolf as Oswaldo
  • David Barrera as Sal's Uncle
  • Steven Bauer as Victor Reyes
  • Alek Carrera as Soap opera actor
  • Ana Cervantes as Doña Loda
  • Jorge Cervera Jr. as Don Pedro
  • Patricia De Leon as Soap opera actress
  • Marina Dena-Santo as Cuka
  • Alyssa Diaz as Rose
  • Ricki Lopez as Father Miguel
  • Leo Minaya as Sal
  • Alberto Montero as Freddie
  • Alberto Montero as Freddie
  • Ruben Moreno as Old man
  • Rick Najera as Jose Luis
  • Marina Dena Santo as Cucka
  • Jane Sevilla as Carla
  • Perla Walters as Nena


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