How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

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How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.jpg
Cover by John Buscema
Page count 192 pages
Publisher Marvel Fireside Books
Creative team
Writers Stan Lee
Pencillers John Buscema
Original publication
Date of publication 1978
Language English
ISBN 978-0671530778

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way is a book by Stan Lee and John Buscema. The book teaches the aspiring comic book artist how to draw and create comic books. The examples are from Marvel Comics and Buscema artwork.[1] It was first published in 1978 by Marvel Fireside Books and has been reprinted regularly. The book created a generation of cartoonists who learned there was a "Marvel way to draw and a wrong way to draw".[2] It is considered "one of the best instruction books on creating comics ever produced."[3]

Some believe the "exercises in the book are silly with its stick figures, cylinders, cubes, and storytelling."[4] Scott McCloud has cited the book as a good reference for teaching the process of making comic books.[5]

Lee and Buscema also created a video version of the book which is now on DVD.[citation needed]

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