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Word/nameOld Norse
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Related namesHowie, Ward

Howard is an English-language given name originating from Old Norse Hávarðr, which means "high guard".[1] A diminutive is "Howie" and its shortened form is "Ward" (most common in the 19th century). Between 1900-1960, Howard ranked in the U.S. Top 200; between 1960–1990, it ranked in the U.S. Top 400; between 1990–2004, it ranked in the U.S. Top 600.[2] People with the given name Howard or its variants include:

Given name[edit]


  • Howie B (born 1963), Scottish musician and producer Howard Bernstein
  • Howie Carr (born 1952), American journalist
  • Howie Day (born 1981), American singer-songwriter
  • Howie Dorough (born 1973), American musician with Backstreet Boys
  • Howie Epstein (1955–2003), American musician
  • Howie Gordon (born 1971), Big Brother contestant
  • Howie Gordon (later known as Richard Pacheco), American pornographic actor
  • Howie Hawkins, American politician and activist
  • Howie Long (born 1960), American football player
  • Howie Mandel (born 1955), Canadian comedian and actor, host of the TV show Deal or No Deal
  • Howie Meeker (born 1924), Canadian hockey player, TV sports announcer, Member of Parliament
  • Howie Morenz (1902–1937), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Howie Nave (born 1956), American comedian, radio personality, writer, promoter and movie critic
  • Howie Rose (born 1954), American sportscaster
  • Howie Winter (born 1929), American mobster
  • Howard Donald (born 1968),British musician with Take That

Fictional characters[edit]


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