Howard's Tale

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"Howard's Tale"
Dressed up as Life.jpg
"Howard's Tale" cover
Song by Sick Puppies from the album Dressed Up as Life
Released September 26, 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Post-grunge, hard rock
Length 4:12
Label Virgin
Writer(s) Emma Anzai, Brett Creswell, Shimon Moore
Dressed Up as Life track listing
"Too Many Words"
"Howard's Tale"
"Asshole Father"

Howard's Tale is a semi controversial song on the Sick Puppies' album Dressed Up as Life. The song vaguely talks about the events of a boy as he grows up and becomes an adult. Many think the song deals with some form of abuse, be it sexual abuse, drug abuse, physical abuse, or all of the three. Some have even made connections between the song and a theme of homosexuality.

It has been rumored that the song "Monsters", a bonus track from Sick Puppies' album Tri-Polar, is a follow up to "Howard's Tale". The most notable link between the songs is in the intro of "Monsters", there is a high-pitched, half-audible voice that says "Howard, Howard, crying in the shower/Howard, Howard, been in there for hours".

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