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Howard Carpendale February 2016 in Kempten, Germany

Howard Carpendale (* 14 January 1946 in Durban, South Africa) is a South African singer living and working in Germany.


Carpendale is a pop singer, who sings most of his songs in the German language. He has two sons, (Wayne Carpendale and Cass Carpendale) [1] His 1979 song Nachts, wenn alles schläft was among the 50 biggest selling singles in Germany for a year. He has released 37 regular Albums (Live Albums and Compilations not included), most of which charted in the German Album Top 10.


  • 1970: Musik, Musik – da wackelt die Penne
  • 1984: Niemand weint für immer
  • 1992: Wiedersehen in Kanada (tv-film)
  • 1994: Matchball (tv-serie)
  • 2012: Leb' dein Leben


  • 1981: Goldene Stimmgabel
  • 1984: Goldene Stimmgabel
  • 1986: Goldene Stimmgabel
  • 1987: Goldene Stimmgabel
  • 1993: Echo award in the category "Schlager/Volksmusik artist"
  • 1996: Echo award in the category "Schlager/Volksmusik artist"
  • 2004: Echo award for lifetime achievement


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