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The Howard County Delegation refers to the delegates who are elected from legislative districts in or shared by Howard County to serve in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Authority and responsibilities[edit]

The Delegation is responsible for representing the interests, needs and concerns of the citizens of Howard County in the Maryland General Assembly. Former members include: Neil F. Quinter

Current Members of the Howard County Delegation[edit]

District Counties Represented Delegate Party First Elected Committee
09.19A Howard Bates, Gail H.Gail H. Bates (2007).jpg Gail H. Bates Republican 2002[1] Appropriations
09.19A Howard Miller, Warren E.Warren E. Miller (2007).jpg Warren E. Miller Republican 2003[1] Economic Matters
12.112A Baltimore County, Howard DeBoy, Steven J. Sr.Steven J. DeBoy, Sr. (2008).jpgSteven J. DeBoy, Sr. Democratic 2002 Appropriations
12.112A Baltimore County, Howard Malone, James E. Jr.James E. Malone, Jr. (2007).jpgJames E. Malone, Jr. Democratic 1994 Environmental Matters (Vice-Chair)
12.212B Howard Bobo, ElizabethElizabeth Bobo (2007).jpg Elizabeth Bobo Democratic 1994 Environmental Matters
13 Howard Pendergrass, Shane E.Shane Pendergrass (2007).jpg Shane Pendergrass Democratic 1994 Health and Government Operations
13 Howard Guzzone, GuyGuy Guzzone (2007).jpg Guy Guzzone Democratic 2006 Appropriations
13 Howard Turner, Frank S.Frank S. Turner (2007).jpg Frank S. Turner Democratic 1994 Ways and Means


  1. ^ a b Originally appointed to office to fill an open seat, rather than elected. Each Delegate so marked has been elected in their own right since their appointment.

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