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Howard Dayton (born October 7, 1943 in Albany, Georgia), raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. After graduating from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1967, he served two and a half years as a naval officer. In 1969, Howard developed The Caboose, a successful railroad-themed restaurant, in Orlando, FL. In 1972, he began his commercial real estate development career, specializing in office development in central Florida. In 1970, Howard began to meet with a group of businessmen who introduced him to Jesus Christ as his savior. Three years later his business partner challenged him to study the Scriptures to discover what God teaches about handling money. They discovered the Bible contained 2,350 verses dealing with money and possessions, and Howard's life profoundly changed. God gave him a passion to share the life-changing principles he discovered, leading him to write eight books, and five small group studies that have been translated into dozens of languages.

Howard founded Crown Ministries in 1985 and developed an effective small-group financial study. Dayton served, without salary,[1] as CEO of Crown. Crown Ministries merged with Larry Burkett's Christian Financial Concepts in September 2000 to form Crown Financial Ministries, the world's largest financial ministry at that time. During his tenure as CEO, the ministry taught more than 50 million people in 88 countries God’s way of handling money and operating a business. He was named among the Top 20 CEOs of Christian Organizations, and the ministry was recognized as one of the “Best Christian Workplaces.”

Howard served as Crown's CEO until 2007, when he transitioned from that role. In 2008, he received an honorary doctorate from Asbury University.

In 2009, Howard founded a new ministry, Compass - finances God's way, and serves as the CEO as a full-time volunteer. The vision of Compass is to teach people worldwide how to handle money and operate businesses God's way. As of 2014, Compass has expanded into 48 countries.

On March 28, 2014, Asbury University dedicated the Howard Dayton School of Business.

Howard and his wife, Beverley, have two adult children and grandchildren and reside in Orlando, Florida.

Publications Dayton Authored[edit]


  • Your Money: Frustration or Freedom (Tyndale House Publishers)
  • Your Money Counts (Tyndale House Publishers)
  • Free and Clear (Moody Publishers)
  • Your Money Map (Moody Publishers)
  • Money and Marriage God's Way (Moody Publishers)
  • Business God's Way (Compass)
  • ABCs of Handling Money God’s Way (Moody Publishers—for children ages 4–7)
  • The Secret (Moody Publishers—for children 8-12


  • Financial Stewardship Bible (in collaboration with American Bible Society)


  • Navigating Your Finances God’s Way - small group study
  • Money and Marriage God’s Way - small group study
  • Business God’s Way - small group study
  • Set Your House in Order - small group study
  • Give, Save & Spend - for-credit college course developed in collaboration with Dr. Dan Lewis and Kyle Hasbrouck


  • Howard followed Larry Burkett as the host of Money Matters, a 20-year radio program with co-host Steve Moore. The broadcast peaked in 2007, carried on 2,000 stations and outlets with about 2 million weekly listeners.
  • In 2011, Howard joined Steve Moore again to host the nationally syndicated call-in radio program, MoneyWise, that is aired on 850 Christian radio stations and outlets with an estimated weekly listening audience of 875,000.
  • Dayton also hosts HeyHoward, a one-minute program carried on approximately 1,100 stations and outlets.

Global Compass[edit]

  • Compass has Continent Directors in North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and India (Compass treats India as a continent because of its population and diverse cultures and languages).
  • Compass currently serves in 48 countries.


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