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Howard Frank Parfitt (1888 - 1957) was a British tea planter, businessman and politician in colonial Ceylon.[1][2]

Howard Frank Parfitt was born in 1888 in Essex, the son of Frank Chapman Parfitt and Alice.

Parfitt arrived in Ceylon in 1910[3] and by 1919 was appointed as a Director of Mackwoods Limited, a major Ceylonese tea producer.

On 7 January 1926 Parfitt served as an inaugural board member of the Tea Research Institute of Ceylon.

Parfitt was appointed as a nominated member of the 2nd State Council of Ceylon on 2 March 1936,[1][4][5] where he served on the Executive Committee for Home Affairs.[6] He resigned from the State Council on 18 May 1943.[1]

He died in 1957, at the age of 69, in Surrey, England.


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