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Howard Junker is a writer and the author of An Old Junker. He blogs at

He founded the literary magazine ZYZZYVA: West Coast Writers & Artists in 1985 and retired in 2010.

Howard Junker was born in Port Washington, New York, and was educated at Horace Greeley, Canterbury, Amherst, Stanford and the University of San Francisco. He served in the Naval Air Reserve as an anti-submarine warfare technician and wrote for many magazines, including Architectural Digest, Art in America, Artforum, Esquire, Film Comment, Film Quarterly, Harper's Bazaar, The Nation, The New Republic, New York, Newsweek, Playboy, Rolling Stone, The Village Voice and Vogue. He also worked as a documentary filmmaker, a television producer, a P.R. flack, a construction carpenter, a fondue cook, and a science teacher at the Drew School in San Francdisco. He edited five anthologies of work from the pages, of ZYZZYVA, as well as four ZYZZYVA first novels and three ZYZZYVA first collections of poems. He is the author of the blognovel An Old Junker. He lives in San Francisco.

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