Howard Maupin

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Howard Maupin (1815–1887) was an American settler who established a farm and ferry in Oregon at the present-day location of Maupin. He became famous for shooting the Paiute war leader Chief Paulina on April 25, 1867, near the modern town of Madras.[1]

Maupin was born in Clay County, Kentucky, and moved to Missouri as a teenager. In 1863, he traveled to Oregon, settling first in the Willamette Valley.[2] He then moved to Antelope, in central Oregon, where he became the town's first postmaster in 1871.[3] Maupin then moved slightly west, establishing a farm and operating a ferry across the Deschutes River.[2] The city of Maupin was named in his honor by the city's founder, William H. Staats, early in the 20th century; the original name Maupin's Ferry was shortened by postal authorities.[2][4] He died in 1887.[5]


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