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The Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award was established in 1994 by The Formalist, a poetry magazine founded by William Baer. The award honors the poet Howard Nemerov (1920–1991). It is an open competition for sonnets in English that draws about 3000 entries annually.[1][2] The award itself is $1000. From 1995–2004, the sonnets by the winner and by eleven finalists were published in The Formalist; following the discontinuation of The Formalist in 2004, the winning and eleven finalist poems have been published in the literary magazine Measure.[3] The creation of the award is associated with the "New Formalism" movement of late 20th Century poetry.

List of winners[edit]

The winners and final judges from 1994–2011 are posted on a webpage of The Formalist;[4] references for subsequent winners are provided in the table.

Past Winners
Year Poet Sonnet Judge
2014 Marty Steyer[5] Caliban Is Not R.S. Gwynn
2013 Gail White[6] Tourist in India Dick Davis
2012 Gail White[7] Old Photographs Rhina Espaillat
2011 Robert W. Crawford[8] Odds Are A. M. Juster
2010 Catherine Chandler[9] Coming to Terms A. E. Stallings
2009 Richard Wakefield[10] Petrarch David Middleton
2008 Stephen Scaer Sightseers Timothy Steele
2007 A. M. Juster[2] No Frederick Turner
2006 Robert W. Crawford The Empty Chair Andrew Hudgins
2005 Marion Shore Petrarch on West 115th Street Charles Martin
2004 A. E. Stallings Hank Williams Blues Rachel Hadas
2003 Rhina Espaillat Discovery Dana Gioia
2002 Marion Shore Embarking Wyatt Prunty
2001 Deborah Warren Baggage X. J. Kennedy
2000 A. M. Juster Note from Echo W. D. Snodgrass
1999 Bob McKenty Chain Poem Wendy Cope
1998 Rhina Espaillat Contingencies John Frederick Nims
1997 Madeleine Mysko Incipient Fireworks Donald Justice
1996 Timothy Murphy The Track of the Storm Anthony Hecht
1995 A. M. Juster Moscow Zoo Mona Van Duyn
1994 Sarah Birnbaum Jo Painted Richard Wilbur

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