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Howard Oliver Drinkwater Read is a British comedian, animator and aspiring song writer best known for his work with his animated sidekick, Little Howard. His other creations include an angry manager with a conversational style and the worldview of Bernard Manning, Roger T Pigeon, and H:BOT 2000, a robot from the future. Each of these characters interact with both Big Howard and each other.

Howard Read is also known for his on-stage human Guess Who? act: the audience guesses who he has drawn on a large pad of paper, sitting down as their questions exclude those of a certain appearance until only one person is left standing.

In 1993, Howard Read invented NikNakNoodles - an amalgamation of Golden Wonder's Pot Noodle and Golden Wonder's other oddly-flavoured product, Nik Naks. Unfortunately the product was never mass-produced.[citation needed]

Read is a regular contributor to Robin Ince's Book Club.

Read also went on to work as a current writer for a Disney XD series Counterfeit Cat and is also a current writer for the new Dangermouse series on CBBC.

Little Howard[edit]

Little Howard is a sketched cartoon child aged 6 who is a "standing-up comedian". He appears on a laptop or projection screen except on his own TV show, interacting either with Big Howard, the audience, or with other animated characters (including the pigeon Roger, his manager, and H:BOT 2000 (named as MOTHER on Little Howard's Big Question), a computer). He is adept at interrupting Big Howard, dealing with hecklers and doing tarot readings with a pack of Top Trumps. His favourite food is fish and chips and he is currently learning the ukulele.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe[edit]

The Big Howard and Little Howard Show was nominated for a Perrier Award at the 2003 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

In 2005, Read staged his own Comeback Special where he performed his first solo Festival show.[1]

TV credits[edit]

Theatre credits[edit]

  • 2002 Words and Pictures
  • 2003 The Big Howard and Little Howard Show
  • 2004 At Home With The Howards
  • 2005 The Little Howard Appeal
  • 2005 2005 Comeback Special
  • 2007 Little Howard And The Magic Pencil Of Life And Death
  • 2011 Aladdin
  • 2012 Little Howard's Big Show
  • 2013 Howard Read - Hide and Speak

Radio credits[edit]


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