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Howard Rice sailed and paddled a sailing canoe solo around Cape Horn, Chile considered by many sailors to be the Mount Everest of sailing challenges.[1] Articles about his expedition have appeared in Outside Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Yachting Magazine, many international newspapers and is referenced in numerous books on the subject of ocean kayaking and canoe sailing.

He utilized a 15 foot Klepper folding canoe often referred to as a sailing canoe in 1989-1990. His epic expedition covered three and a half months solo in Tierra Del Fuego in the austral summer although winter conditions, snow, sleet, ice storms and high winds prevailed. His route took him down the Beagle Channel through the Wollaston Islands to Hornos Island and back as far west as Timbales in the western Beagle Channel. He prepared for the effort by extensive training for two years including sessions with ocean kayaker Eric Stiller including a number of canoe sailing trips in extreme winter conditions. His training with Eric Stiller included paddling and sailing the Hudson River in New York in winter conditions at times with temperatures below zero. Other training venues included Key West, Florida with US Army Special Forces and Navy SEAL MAROPS groups whom he worked with as an instructor/trainer in small boat handling techniques and marine operations. He authored the US Army Special Forces MAROPS manual for small boat operations pertaining to one and two man kayak operations.

According to the Armada de Chile naval records he is the only person to have solo paddle/sailed east to west and west to east, doubling Cape Horn. His journey is considered one of the epic small boat roundings of Cape Horn. He battled three months of high winds and heavy seas, two capsizes and injury requiring medical attention in Argentina. On Cape Horn he experienced winds in excess of 90 mph and was forced to await his rounding until conditions improved.

Howard Rice was awarded a certificate of merit commemorating his feat by the Armada de Chile (Chilean Navy) at Puerto Williams Chile on March 11, 1990 as the first solo sail kayak/canoe to successfully round and double Cape Horn.[2] Previous to his Cape Horn expedition he raced in both one design and offshore sailing classes. He has made numerous open ocean, open water voyages in small boats including both sailing canoes, cruising dinghies and small sailboats. He is an instructor in small boat handling techniques and has taught at numerous symposia in North America and Europe. Since the rounding of Cape Horn he has continued ocean sailing in small boats with the focus on sailing canoes. He has conducted US Army small boat operations training with Eric Stiller at both Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Key West, Florida.

Howard Rice currently resides in the Federated States of Micronesia and is a former Associate Professor at the College of Micronesia-FSM. He is now founder and CEO of Lookfar International, Inc a firm focusing on human resource development, sail training, sustainable community development, sustainable tourism development and the interface between economic development and environmental protection. He continues to be an influence in small boat development, micro cruising sail boat development, sailing canoe design, sail training programs, boat building and use. He has a background as a member of the IOC, IYRU, US Olympic Sailing Committee, and was the former US One Design Class Director for the Mistral Class. He has officiated numerous World, US National, Caribbean, European and other sailing championships including Olympic games.


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