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The Hoxton knot,[1] Chelsea knot,[2] French loop,[3] Parisian scarf knot[4] or Snug Tug[5] is a method of arranging a scarf about the neck. The scarf is doubled back and placed around the neck. The tails of the scarf are then pulled through the U-bend of the doubling to secure them, as with a cow hitch or lark's head.

The knot is popular with stylish men like David Beckham who frequent fashionable districts of London such as Hoxton and Chelsea.[1] The style is also commonly used by outside broadcasters from the BBC as it is warm and tidy.[3] It may be controversial though, as some commentators opine that knotting a scarf is less manly than just draping it around the neck or throwing the ends casually over the shoulder.[6]

See also[edit]

  • Snood – the snug, tubular comforter which generated similar controversy when worn by football players.


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