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Genre Morning news and talk
Directed by Pablo Calasso
Rodrigo Garay
Presented by Andrea Legarreta
Galilea Montijo
Raúl Araiza
Jorge van Rankin
Paul Stanley
Natalia Tellez
Pedro Prieto
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 18
No. of episodes 4,866 (as of February 20, 2017)
Producer(s) Alexis Núñez
Alejandro Cacéres
Federico Wilkins
Reynaldo López
(2003-2006, 2016-present)
Carmen Armendáriz
(2005-2008, 2009-2013)
Roberto Romagnoli
Carla Estrada
Location(s) Mexico City, Mexico
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 180 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Univision (2011-2012, 2012-present)
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
480i (SDTV)
Original release August 3, 1998 (1998-08-03) – present
Preceded by Hoy Mismo
Related shows Hoy Mismo
Al despertar
Un nuevo dia
Al sabor del chef
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Hoy (English title: Today) is a Mexican television daily morning program genre varieties produced by the company Televisa SA de CV. Since its first transmission in 1998, the program has several stages, sections and wires, taking as central to entertainment, horoscopes, episode recaps and previews for currently airing telenovelas, beauty, cooking, health/nutrition, and games/sketches, humor and music. The is a show produced by Televisa live and broadcast on Las Estrellas weekdays at 9am.[1]

From August 29, 2011 to March 23, 2012, Univision started broadcasting Hoy weekday mornings at 10:30am/9:30c. As of September 10, 2012 Univision is broadcasting Hoy weekday afternoons at 12pm/11c.[2][3] On April 3, 2012, Galavision started airing Hoy weekday mornings at 11am/10c, but on September 10, 2012, Hoy was broadcast at 2pm/1c.[4]

From December 23, 2013 to January 3, 2014, Univision temporarily aired 3 hours of Hoy weekdays at 12pm/11c. As part of Univision's programming changes, the network was broadcasting 2 hours of second reruns of Destilando Amor from March 10 to June 11, 2014 every weekday afternoons at 12pm/11c for 2 hours: Hoy aired at 2pm/1c for one hour, replacing La rosa de Guadalupe. On September 22, 2014, Univision will broadcast Hoy weekday afternoons at 1pm/12c replacing one hour of La Fuerza del Destino.

From the May 27, 2013 to January 31, 2014, Telesudamerica transmits an hour Hoy at 10am-11am. February 3 to February 21, 2014, transmits Telesudamerica 2 hour Hoy at 9am-11am, replacing Libre para Amarte. From February 23, 2013 Telesudamerica transmits 3 hours Hoy at 8am-11am, replacing Mentir para Vivir.


Name Debut
Andrea Legarreta (1998-2000, 2003–present)
Galilea Montijo (2008, 2013–present)
Raúl Araiza (2008–present)
Jorge van Rankin (2016–present)
Paul Stanley (2017–present)
Natalia Tellez (2016–present)
Pedro Prieto (2016–present)


  • Reynaldo Rossano (2006-2013, 2016–present)
  • Alex Kaffie (2016–present)
  • Martha Figueroa (2016–present)
  • Mizada Mohamed (2000-2002, 2008–present)
  • Alfredo Gudini (2016–present)
  • Alfredo Oropeza (2003–present)
  • Yogui (2016–present)
  • Kalinda Kano (2016–present)
  • Veronica Toussaint (2016–present)
  • Maca Carriedo (2016–present)
  • Ricardo Margaleff (2016–present)
  • Eduardo Salazar (2016-present)
  • Fernanda Centeno (2016–present)
  • César Lozano (2016–present)

Former Presenters & Contributors[edit]


Title Notes
Shows Presented by Alex Kaffie & Martha Figueroa
Horoscopes Presented by Mizada Mohamed
Summary of the telenovelas Presented by the hosts or hostess and Alfredo Gudini
Beauty Presented by Kalinda Kano
Yoga Presented by Veronica Toussaint
Cooking Presented by the hosts or hostess on recipes prepared, the chef Alfredo Oropeza and the chef Yogui
Social media Presented by Natalia Tellez, Pedro Prieto and Maca Carriedo
Tips for organic cooking
Tips holistic
Proponents of the asphalt
Sports Presented by hosts (exclusively in the Olympic Games or Mundial)
The forum of humor
The note from today
Hoy es para amar (Today is to love) Telenovela-sketch period with the cast of the program
News Presented by Eduardo Salazar
Comedy section Presented by Ricardo Margaleff and Reynaldo Rossano

Hoy es para amar (English title: Today is to love) is a comic telenovela from the time of Independence which tells the love story of Bryan Nicanor & María Adela Alcurnia, which is hampered by Luis Alfonso, a handsome and rich, and the mother of María Adela, Prudencia de Betancourt, who wants to marry with her daughter. Luis Alfonso he wants to marry with Adela for money and Adela's mother she wants marries with Luis Alfonso, also for your money, but they do not know is that both are broke.


  • Andrea Legarreta as María Adela Alcurnia de Betancourt
  • Raúl Araiza as Bryan Nicanor "El Negro"
  • Galilea Montijo as Prudencia
  • Héctor Sandarti as Luis Alfonso del Real Bojórquez
  • Jan as Doctor
  • Jéssica Segura as Lupita
  • Juan José Origel as Father
  • Diego Di Marco as Slave
  • Gloria Aura as Gertrudis
  • Arturo Lorca as Don Agustín
  • Mateo Villa as Leñador/Sereno
  • Yurem as Taxi driver
  • Chema as Hidalgo
  • Claudio Herrera as Sor Tilegio
  • Denisse Padilla as Cortesana


  • It will run from April 7 in Monday & Friday to 8:30pm

International release[edit]

Country Network(s) Show premiere Show finale
 Mexico El Canal de las Estrellas August 3, 1998 present
 United States Univision
August 29, 2011 – April 3, 2012; September 10, 2012
April 3, 2012
 Argentina Telesudamerica May 27, 2013 present
 El Salvador VTV Canal 35 May 1, 2011 present


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