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Hoye-Crest Historical Marker.jpg
Marker at Hoye-Crest, the high point of Maryland
Highest point
Elevation3360+ ft (1024+ m)  NGVD 29[1]
Prominence80 ft (24 m) [1]
Parent peakBackbone Mountain
ListingU.S. state high point 32nd
Coordinates39°14′14″N 79°29′07″W / 39.237329°N 79.4853308°W / 39.237329; -79.4853308Coordinates: 39°14′14″N 79°29′07″W / 39.237329°N 79.4853308°W / 39.237329; -79.4853308[2]
Parent rangeAllegheny Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Davis

Hoye-Crest is a summit along Backbone Mountain just inside of Garrett County, Maryland. It is the highest natural point in Maryland at an elevation of 3,360 feet (1,020 m).[3]

The location, named for Captain Charles E. Hoye (1876–1951), founder of the Garrett County Historical Society, offers a view of the North Branch Potomac River valley to the east. The Maryland Historical Society placed a historical marker at the summit during a dedication ceremony in September 1952.

Accessing Hoye-Crest[edit]

There is no vehicular access to Hoye-Crest. The best route by foot is a hike along the Maryland High Point Trail, from a point along U.S. Route 219 just south of Silver Lake, West Virginia at 39°14′43″N 79°29′30″W / 39.24528°N 79.49167°W / 39.24528; -79.49167. The trail ascends Backbone Mountain along an old logging road on Monongahela National Forest property to the West Virginia-Maryland state line. The distance is about one mile each way. The trail then heads north along the state line to the high point. Hoye-Crest sits on private property (Western Pocahontas Properties), though access is permitted.

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