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Hozan Canê (born 1971) is a contemporary Kurdish singer. She was born in the region of Karayazı in Erzurum province, Turkey. After elementary school, she moved to Adana and Istanbul to continue her studies. Then she attended ASM and Arif Sag music schools and studied singing under supervision of Ferqîn Şiyar and Kazim Bora for three years.[1] Since childhood she was following music programs broadcast by the Kurdish radio of Yerevan and she came under the influence of renowned singers such as Ayşe Şan and Meryem Xan. Due to her activities in Kurdish music, she was arrested, imprisoned and tortured many times by the Turkey's police. She was arrested in a concert in Van in 1991 and imprisoned for nine months. She was again assaulted and shot three times by unknown gunmen after attending a concert for DEP.[2] After these incidents, she eventually fled Turkey and sought refuge in Germany where she has worked with Akademiya Cand û Hunera Kurdî (Academy of Kurdish Culture and Arts) and released several albums.



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