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Type Liqueur
Manufacturer Heaven Hill
Country of origin US
Alcohol by volume 17%
Proof 34
Colour Blue
Flavor Fruity, tropical
Website http://www.hpnotiq.com/

Hpnotiq liqueur is an alcoholic beverage, native to New York but bottled in France by Heaven Hill Distilleries, made from fruit juices, vodka and a cognac. It is 34 proof (17% ABV) and is available in over 70 countries worldwide.[citation needed]


Hpnotiq was created by Raphael Yakoby in 2001, a college dropout living with his parents on Long Island, New York, who, after seeing a blue perfume at Bloomingdale's, decided to create a blue liqueur.[1] Within a year, it was a popular drink in New York night clubs.[1]

The brand was originally distributed by Wingard Inc. of Great Neck, New York; in January 2003, Yakoby's trademark and the distribution rights were acquired by Heaven Hill Distilleries.[2] The brand earned Yakoby a reported $50 million.[1] Hpnotiq is bottled in France's Cognac region and the vodka is premium, French and distilled three times. It is the fourth best-selling imported liqueur in the United States, according to Adams Beverage Media.[citation needed]

The brand primarily targeted an urban audience,[3] and is currently marketed predominantly to women 21-35.[citation needed] It is promoted as an alternative ingredient for cosmopolitans and martinis.[citation needed] Marketing strategies have included hosting events for celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Khloé Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Soleil Moon Frye, and Carmen Electra. The brand was also included as a part of Alice + Olivia's S/S11 New York Fashion Week parties.[citation needed]

In June 2011, HPNOTIQ launched its first line extension, HPNOTIQ Harmonie, which is violet colored and flavored with a blend of berries, violets, lavender, and spirits. Many mixed drinks such as The Incredible Hulk and Punk Brewster use Hpnotiq.


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