Hrádek (Rokycany District)

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Train station
Train station
Flag of Hrádek
Coat of arms of Hrádek
Coat of arms
Hrádek is located in Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Coordinates: 49°42′47″N 13°39′17″E / 49.71306°N 13.65472°E / 49.71306; 13.65472Coordinates: 49°42′47″N 13°39′17″E / 49.71306°N 13.65472°E / 49.71306; 13.65472
CountryCzech Republic
First mentioned1325
 • MayorJaroslav Perlík
 • Total6.05 km2 (2.34 sq mi)
440 m (1,440 ft)
 • Total2,862
 • Density470/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
338 42

Hrádek (German: Hradek) is a town in Western Bohemia, the Czech Republic (Plzeň Region, Rokycany District), 5 km southeast of Rokycany, 440 m. above sea level in the valley of Klabava River which is also known as Padrťský potok. North of Hrádek, large forested massif of Žďár (629 m. above sea level) with its lateral elevation of Hrádecký vrch (549 m. above sea level) delineates northern border of the Klabava valley while in the south relatively mild slopes form large plateau where most of Hrádek's built-up area lies. The most prominent elevation in the southern section of the valley is Svatý Vojtěch hill (513 m. above sea level). Hrádek belongs together with Rokycany and Kamenný Újezd to the contiguous urban area along the Klabava valley. Main artery of this urban concentration being road from Rokycany to Mirošov that runs along Hrádek's western periphery. Another road connecting Rokycany and Strašice via Dobřív runs north of Hrádek.


As to ethnicity, Hrádek was traditionally a Czech settlement. In 1890 population of Hrádek was 448, village of Nová Huť had population of 215 then. In 20th century population steadily grew. After World War II massive housing project of completely new town of Hrádek was started and population reached more than 3,000. Since reaching its peak in 1980 town's population has been dropping slightly. As of Jan. 1st 2007 Hrádek had 2,999 inhabitants.[1][2][3]

Historical population
1890 663—    
1961 2,174+227.9%
1970 2,859+31.5%
1980 3,358+17.5%
1991 3,052−9.1%
2001 2,900−5.0%
2007 2,999+3.4%


There are two historical village communities in the territory of what is now Hrádek. Village of Hrádek was mentioned as early as 1325. The king Jan Lucemburský (John I of Bohemia) donated Hrádek to Petr z Rožmberka then. Village of Nová Huť was located ca. 1 km to the east of Hrádek. Since Middle Ages the Klabava Valley region specialized in iron ore mining and iron production. This industrial aspect was further strengthened in the 20th century when both communities (Hrádek and Nová Huť) formed functionally one settlement with their economy centered around the Hrádecké železárny steelworks. Later both villages merged into one under name of Hrádek. After World War II, local steelworks have expanded filling most of the area along the Klabava River. These investments were accompanied by massive residential construction that completely transformed Hrádek. New housing project grew in area between old Hrádek and Nová Huť villages covering the plateau south of Klabava river. Architecture of earlier stages of this new tenement houses district was inspired by Socialist realism. Main axis of new Hrádek is a wide avenue (ulice 1.máje Street) leading from Nová Huť to the southeast where it ends in central square (Náměstí 9.května Square) with community center, department store and other public facilities. Rapid population growth followed and Hrádek acquired urban character. In 1975 Hrádek was officially declared a town. After 1989 Hrádecké železárny went through uneasy transformation which resulted in rising unemployment but in 1998 Borgers CS new factory opened[4] in area between the town and the steelworks.


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