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Hraday Shah Judeo Bundela
Born (1982-11-26) 26 November 1982 (age 36)
ResidenceSatna, Panna
OfficePresident and Royal Guardian, Prince Hraday Shah Foundation
Spouse(s)Rachna Kumari Bundela
Children1 daughter

Hraday Shah Judeo Bundela (born 26 November 1982), also known as Rajkumar Sawai Hraday Shah Ju Deo of Ajaigarh (Hindi: ह्रदय शाह जूदेव बुन्देला), hails from the clan of Bundela dynasty of Ajaigarh State. He is President and Royal Guardian of the Prince Hraday Shah Foundation in India,[1] which works, in different fields, for the welfare of people and promoting peace and harmony projects on the international level.

Early life[edit]

Prince Hraday Shah [1] born to Sawai Raja Ashit Barn Singh Ju Deo and Rani Sahiba Anjana Singh in the royal family of Ajaigarh State, Bundelkhand. He is the eldest grandson of Colonel Shri Shri Sawai Sanjhale Maharaj Sahib Deshpal Singh Ju Deo and great great grandson of H.H. Sawai Maharaja Sir Ranjore Singh Sahib Bahadur (K.C.I.E.), (C.S.I.) of Ajaigarh. Hraday Shah Judeo represents the second line of the royal family.

Public life[edit]

Rajkumar Saheb Hraday Shah Judeo Raja Sahib, as he is often called by the local and native people, is a socialist royal, who works for his people and his society, carrying on the traditional duty of Raj Dharma and Danna ‘Charity’ in the modern perspective. He started the Prince Hraday Shah Foundation, an international charity registered in state of Madhya Pradesh, to look after the people, who are historically subjects of his forefathers. With time, it became his top priority.

He is also a member of many notable institutions and organizations at various levels. He is among the few royal members from Indian princely states who represented the patron of STP, an International Christian NGO at his programme held on 25 July 2010 as a part of the famous Libori festival of Germany. His picture is used to represent the Rajkumar from an Indian royal family of Hindu faith at the festival with the Archbishop and the Chair of regional branch of STP Paderborn, Germany with prior permission from the prince for mutual respect and growth of global brotherhood.

Personal life[edit]

Hraday Shah is married to Rachna Kumari, who is from the Parmar family of Jagir Jharkua. They have a daughter, Kumari Sahiba Mohana, born on 9 September 2009. Korani Sahiba Rachna Kumari is involved in advising her husband, particularly in fields related to arts, as she is an artist by hobby.


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Hraday Shah Bundela
Born: 26 November 1982
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
By birth,born Rajkumar/Prince
Rajkumar Sawai
Reason for succession failure:
Monarchy abolished in 1948,
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