Hranice Abyss

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Hranice Abyss

The Hranice Abyss (Czech: Hranická propast), the English name adopted by the local tourist authorities, is the deepest flooded pit cave in the world. It is a karst sinkhole located near the town of Hranice (Přerov District). The greatest confirmed depth (as of 27 September 2016) is 473 m (404 m under the water level), which makes it the deepest known underwater cave in the world.[1] Moreover, the expected depth is 800–1200 m.[2]

The Hranice Abyss was created by a collapse of the cave roof, which was eaten away by warm carbonic acidulous spring water in limestone.[3]

Map of the cave


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Coordinates: 49°31′55″N 17°45′03″E / 49.532°N 17.750778°E / 49.532; 17.750778