Hrazdan River

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The river in Yerevan
Origin Lake Sevan
Mouth Aras River
Basin countries Armenia
Length 141 km
Source elevation 1097 m
Mouth elevation 826 m
Avg. discharge 17.9 m3/s (632 cu ft/s)
Basin area 2560 km2 (988 sq mi)

Hrazdan (Armenian: Հրազդան գետ) is a major river in Armenia. It starts at the northwest extremity of Lake Sevan and flows south through the Kotayk Province and Armenia's capital, Yerevan. In the Ararat plain it joins the Aras River along the border with Turkey. A series of hydro-electric plants have been constructed on the river. Its waters are in demand to irrigate crops.


A panorama of the Hrazdan River gorge and Davtashen from Arabkir, Yerevan


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Coordinates: 39°59′25″N 44°27′10″E / 39.99028°N 44.45278°E / 39.99028; 44.45278