Hristo Andonov

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Hristo Andonov
Hristo Andonov.jpg
A photograph of Hristo Andonov
Born 1887
Grčište, today Republic of Macedonia
Died 1928
Didimovo, Bulgaria
Organization IMARO, IMRO

Histo Andonov (Bulgarian: Христо Андонов) (1887–1928) was a Bulgarian revolutionary, a freedom fighter and a leader of Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMARO) and Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) revolutionary bands.


Hristo Andonov was born in the village of Grčište (now in Valandovo Municipality, Republic of Macedonia). He joined the revolutionary organization IMARO, but because he was wanted by the Turkish authorities, he escaped to Bulgaria. During the Balkan Wars, Andonov was a volunteer in the Macedonian-Adrianopolitan Volunteer Corps as a freedom fighter in the revolutionary band of Ichko Dimitrov. Later, he was a member of the revolutionary band of Kosta Hristov Popeto and he also served in the 4th company of the 15th Štip Division.[1] At the end of the First World War, he participated in the restoration of the IMRO and became a freedom fighter in a revolutionary band that operated in the region of Strumica. 1923 he became a leader in the region of Gevgeliya, and in the years that followed, he became a leader of the region of Dojran.[2]

Andonov was killed in 1928 near the village of Dimidovo, in the Petrich region, which was renamed Samuilovo in 1935.[3]


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