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Coat of arms of the House of Hrvatinić
Country Banate of Bosnia
Kingdom of Bosnia
Kingdom of Croatia
  • count (comes, knez)
  • ban
  • duke (herzog, vojvoda)
Founded fl. 1299
Founder Hrvatin
Final ruler Matija Vojsalić
Current head extinct
Dissolution 1476
Cadet branches Vojsalić, Dragišić

The Hrvatinić was a medieval noble house with traditional domain in Donji Kraji in western Bosnia, that served the Kingdom of Croatia (fl. 1299–1322), the Banate of Bosnia and Kingdom of Bosnia (1325–88), and finally the Ottoman Empire (1472–76). It rose to prominence in the second half of the 14th century, and attained its peak under magnate Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić (1350–1416), who also held large parts of Dalmatia.

It's eponymous founder was Hrvatin (fl. 1299–1304), a count of Donji Kraji and vassal of Croatian magnate Paul I Šubić of Bribir.[1] Hrvatin's sons was part of a coalition of nobles that revolted against Mladen II Šubić of Bribir in 1316–17.[2] Between 1322 and 1325 the family submitted to the Kotromanić dynasty of the Banate of Bosnia.[3] In 1363, the Hrvatinić supported Tvrtko against Hungary, after which they rose to prominence in the region.[4] In ca. 1387, while loyal to Tvrtko, they supported the Croats against Sigismund.[4] The last member of the family was Matija Vojsalić who was last mentioned in the archives of Republic of Ragusa in 1476. He was installed as a puppet king of Bosnia by the Ottoman sultan as an answer to Nicholas of Ilok, named king of Bosnia by Matthias Corvinus. Matija Vojsalić was removed after conspiring with Matthias Corvinus against the Ottomans and was not mentioned after that.



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