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Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.
State-owned limited company
Industry Road transport
Founded 2001 (2001)
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Key people
Edo Kos

Hrvatske ceste (lit. Croatian roads) is a Croatian state-owned company pursuant to provisions of the Croatian Public Roads Act (Croatian: Zakon o javnim cestama enacted by the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia.[1] Tasks of the company are defined by Public Roads Act and its Founding Declaration, and the principal task of the company is management, construction and maintenance of public roads. In practice, Hrvatske ceste are responsible for the State roads in Croatia (designated with D), the county (Ž) and local (L) roads are managed by county authorities, while the motorways (A) are managed by Hrvatske autoceste and other concessionaires.

The company is currently administered by a three-person managing board consisting of Jakov Krešić (chairman) and five-member supervisory board.[2][3]

The company was first established on April 6, 2001, under the law promulgated on April 5, 2001,[1] with the share capital of the company worth 128,898,200.00 Croatian kuna.

Hrvatske ceste are organized in six business sectors: Studies and design, Construction, Maintenance, Procurement, Financial and business operations and Legal, personnel and general sectors.[4]

All profits generated by Hrvatske ceste are used for construction and maintenance of the roads the company manages.

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