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Hrvoje Požar (5 July 1916 - 30 June 1991) was a Croatian engineer and one of the top world scientists at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.[1]

Požar was born in Knin, where he finished elementary school. He attended high school in Šibenik and went on to graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb and became an electrical engineer. After graduation, he worked on a variety of managerial positions in power.

In 1950, Požar began to teach part-time at Zagreb's School of Electrical Engineering and in 1955 he gained his doctorate in technical sciences with his thesis on hydro power plants. In 1961 he became a full-time professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and an associate member of the then Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts four years later. In 1984 Požar was awarded with IEEE Centennial Medal. He was also editor in chief of the country's Technical Encyclopedias until his death. Until his death he performed the duty of the Secretary General of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Požar died in Zagreb at the age of 74. The Croatian Government has named its Energy Institute after him in his honor. The Croatian Energy Association also has an eponymous Foundation.[2]


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