Hsieh-ho Power Plant

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Hsieh-ho Power Plant
Hsieh-ho Power Plant is located in Taiwan
Hsieh-ho Power Plant
Location of Hsieh-ho Power Plant
Country Taiwan
Location Zhongshan, Keelung
Coordinates 25°9′26.38″N 121°44′21.57″E / 25.1573278°N 121.7393250°E / 25.1573278; 121.7393250Coordinates: 25°9′26.38″N 121°44′21.57″E / 25.1573278°N 121.7393250°E / 25.1573278; 121.7393250
Status Operational
Commission date January 1977 (Unit 1)[1]
December 1977 (Unit 2)
March 1980 (Unit 3)[2]
1985 (Unit 4)[3]
Owner(s) Taipower
Operator(s) Taipower
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Oil
Power generation
Units operational 4 X 500 MW
Nameplate capacity 2,000 MW

The Hsieh-ho Power Plant (Chinese: 協和發電廠; pinyin: Xiéhé Fādiànchǎng) is an oil-fired power plant in Zhongshan District, Keelung, Taiwan.[4][5] The power plant is the only fully oil-fired power plant in Taiwan.

Generation units[edit]

The power plant consists of four 500-MW generation units. The third 500-MW unit was finished on 19 December 1979 after a record-breaking construction period of 26 months. It went into operation in March 1980. The fourth 500-MW unit was completed in 1985 after 29 months construction period.[2][3]


The steam generator is rated at 1,701 tonne/hour, 176 kg/cm2 and 542 °C at superheater outlet and reheat to 542 °C.

The steam turbine is a tandem-compound with four flow exhaust, 3,600 rpm single reheat with throttle steam conditions of 166 kg/cm2, 538 °C with reheat to 538 °C.

The stacks are 200 meters high slip-form reinforced concrete stack.


Hsieh-ho Power Plant is accessible North from TRA Keelung Station.

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