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Xi'an or Xian (西安) is the capital of Shaanxi province, China.

Xian or Xi'an may also refer to:



  • Xian (surname) (咸; 冼), a Chinese surname
  • Xian (video game player) or Ho Kun Xian (born 1990), Singaporean fighting games player
  • Emperor Xian (disambiguation), posthumous name of several Chinese rulers
  • Ashina Xian, a Western Turk khagan also appointed general by the Tang dynasty
  • Bi Xian (802–864), official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty
  • Dong Xian (23 BCE(?) – 1 BCE), Han Dynasty politician
  • Dou Xian (died 92 AD), Chinese general and consort kin of the Eastern Han Dynasty
  • Luo Xian (died 270), military general of the Jin dynasty of China
  • Ruan Xian, Chinese scholar who lived in the Six Dynasties period
  • Sheng Xian, official who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty

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