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Hsinchu American School
#2, Yih-Shuh Road
National Art Park
Hsinchu 30067
Taiwan, Republic of China
Type Private International School
Established 2005
Color(s) Blue and White
Team name Wolves
Tuition Grade 1 - 5 NT$150,000
Grade 6 - 8 NT$165,000
Grade 9 - 12 NT$175,000

Hsinchu American School (traditional Chinese: 新竹美國學校; simplified Chinese: 新竹美國学校; pinyin: Xīnzhú Měiguó Xuéxiào; Wade–Giles: Hsin-chu Mei-kuo Hsüeh-shiao; abbreviation HAS) is private, international school with a largely based American curriculum located in Hsinchu, Taiwan,. It was founded in 2004 by Glory Yeh, a Taiwanese real estate developer. HAS offers instruction in English for students grades 5-12. It is recognized by American Institute in Taiwan and the Taiwan Ministry of Education.


The Hsinchu American School began operations in 2005 with just over 40 students. Today, HAS enrolls over 130 students from several different countries.


Hsinchu American School campus

HAS is in the top floor of a 4 story open-center building. It is located in the National Art Park and surrounded by a 21,500 sq. meter (6,500 ping) campus. The school shares most of the area with the larger public school, Sagor Bilingual School. The starred (*) features are either shared with, or belong to Sagor. The building and campus contain the following:

  • 200m Athletic Track*
  • Basketball courts*
  • Soccer field*
  • Jungle gym playground*
  • Greek-style Amphitheater*
  • Gymnasium/dance studio*
  • Multimedia performance center*
  • 2 science laboratories*
  • Computer lab/Rock Band Room
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Student Store
  • Middle School*

Student body[edit]

HAS currently has enrollment open for grades 6-12. HAS abides by the Republic of China Foreign Schools Law, which requires all international schools to only admit students who hold non-ROC passports.

Student life[edit]


Hsinchu American School offers a variety of club activities for all Middle school and High school students. New clubs are formed every year, all that is required is interested and a teacher sponsor. Some of the current HAS clubs include:

  • Cooking
  • Model United Nations
  • World Scholars Cup
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • E-sports
  • Rock Band
  • Girl's Club
  • Writing Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Swimming Club
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cycling
  • Chinese Club
  • Anime Club

HAS Howler[edit]

Every month the journalism class releases a school-wide newspaper reporting on events occurring within the school, events of interest to the student body, advice articles, funny articles, and comics.

Model United Nations[edit]

The MUN team is an after-school club that researches issues and prepares students for participation in a number of MUN conferences in Taiwan and around Asia. The purpose of model United Nations conferences is to simulate an actual United Nations meeting in a high school academic background. This focus on international events thereby increases student awareness of international issues as well as developing communication, research, collaboration, public speaking, and diplomatic skills. Students on the MUN team research nations and issues, prepare resolutions, write speeches, and sharpen their debate and negotiation skills. MUN is offered to both Middle School and High School students.

Student activities[edit]

Student Activities is a group that plans and organizes many annual events. These activities consist of both on and off campus events. Student Activities welcomes and encourages all grades to participate and express their opinions. Also, Student Activities’ goals are to make students get to know one another better and show their school spirit. Student Activities cooperate with both Community Service and Student Government.

Student government[edit]

Student Government is a representative assembly composed of delegates elected from middle school and each upper class grade, as well as a faculty advisor. High School students are eligible for election as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, while the positions of Student Activities Coordinator and Community Service Coordinator are appointed by the President. Student Government members brainstorm creative ways to raise funds and increase student interaction and participation in school events. Tasks performed by the Student Government include the management of the Student School Store, the drafting and updating of the Student Government Constitution, overseeing the organizing of holiday celebrations, overseeing the planning of Spirit Week, and the planning of the annual Spring Fair. Student Government meetings are held once a week to discuss and develop upcoming school events.


  • Badminton
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Summer internship[edit]

The HAS Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for students to gain leadership experience through serving the HAS community. Students apply for an intern position in June, and if accepted will be assigned a position for several weeks in July. Some students will be assigned to act as Teacher’s Assistants during the Summer Camp. Other students may become Intern Managers, and will lead small teams of student volunteers working on projects around the school.

World Scholars Cup[edit]

World Scholar’s Cup is an annual academic competition that has been adopted as an after-school club at HAS. Teams of three compete in a total of four events. The two team events are debate and quiz-bowl, and the two individual events are a multiple choice test and essay writing. The topics and questions for these events are from six different subjects: science, history, art, psychology, economics, and literature. Each year the World Scholar’s Cup organization releases extended articles on each topic that all participants read and study. Training and preparation begin toward the end of first semester which leads up to a national competition held in May and an international competition held in June.

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