Hsinchu City Government

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Hsinchu City Government
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Hsinchu City
Headquarters North District
Agency executive
Website www.hccg.gov.tw

The Hsinchu City Government (HCCG; Chinese: 新竹市政府; pinyin: Xīnzhú Shì Zhèngfǔ) is the local government of the Republic of China that governs Hsinchu City.


Government's Departments and Highest-Level Affiliated Institutions[edit]

  • Department of Civil Affairs
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Economic Development
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Urban Development
  • Department of Social Affairs
  • Department of Labor Affairs
  • Department of Land administration
  • Department of General Affairs
  • Department of City Marketing
  • Department of Personnel
  • Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
  • Department of Civil Service Ethics
  • Police Bureau
  • Public Health Bureau
  • Local Tax Bureau
  • Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Fire Bureau
  • Cultural Affairs Bureau

District Offices, Subsidiary and Affiliated Institutions[edit]

  • East District Office
  • North District Office
  • Xiangshan District Office
  • East District Household Registration Office
  • North District Household Registration Office
  • Xiangshan District Household Registration Office
  • East District Public Health Center
  • North District Public Health Center
  • Xiangshan District Public Health Center
  • Land Office
  • Mortuary Services Office
  • Family Education Center
  • Zoo
  • Stadium[1]


The government building is accessible within walking distance north west from Hsinchu Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

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Coordinates: 24°48′24″N 120°58′08″E / 24.8067°N 120.9688°E / 24.8067; 120.9688